Wednesday, August 10, 2005

umm, ramblings, sort of...

* there's a problem with the new build of linux. No work since saturday. Today? God knows. Feeling wasted.
* going to mysore this weekend with family. Hate to travel, feel like sitting in my room and read. Or lie down, stare at the ceiling and dream.
* Last night was full of dreams. Saw all the people I know in various situations. Everyone were there. Heard, you see your whole life in one shot just before you die.
* Anand's invited for his daughter's naming ceremony. Lot of activities on independance day-aug 15. No independence for me. May be I have to be here in the office. Can't take a holiday since my internship period is yet to be completed.
* Anand doesn't look like a father. Only when he carries his one year old in his arms do you realise this idiot is a dad.
* Lot of work pending. Need to translate my newsletter. Five hours into the night for sure. Car's battery has gone bust. A bit of shopping to do.
* Archu' s a bit sad. Will talk to her today. I was too much preoccupied with other things and hardly thought about her but blurted over the phone that I miss her so much. Felt bad for being such a damn liar. I miss nothing. I'm a detached balloon. She knows it.

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