Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A moment in time, yet beyond....

It's as though I'm sitting on a rock in wilderness, close to a stream, listening to the chirping birds around me, looking up at the clear blue expanse.

The evening breeze is slight but noticeable. There's no other human soul in this vast park. All the other volunteers have long gone home--unusual on a second sunday. More unusual is that I've found an hour in the evening to take a stroll here, book in hand, not rushing home or finding a place for Meditations or getting engaged in one work or the other.

The mini-waterfall that's only a step away creates a fantastic melody. I lean back against the railing and close my eyes. For a moment nothing matters. My knee still hurts from last week's injury but now, strangely it doesn't bother. For a moment time stands still. I want to stay here forever, never to return to the race, to the humdrum, to the challenge.
In the busyness of life back home, when I'm frustrated at things not happening the way I want them to, in all struggles, failures and small victories, beneath all the stress-tension-self loathing I'm used to--- maybe I'm seeking this state of mind, this peace, this purity. I know this ends soon, in a matter of moments but I want to savour every bit as long as it lasts.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Look within ....

'If you don't plant flowers in a garden, you'll allow weeds to grow. As a gardener, you cannot sit back and allow this destructive growth. You need to take action and remove those weeds. '

Words said in a different context but it applies to me as well.

Reading 'A New Earth' by Eckhart tolle, makes me ponder over these words and the situations in a deeper context. Tolle says, 'The root of all evil on this earth is Human unconsciousness........... .....And that unconsciousness is within you as well as in others...........
.... The first thing you can do is to become aware, bring the light of consciousness within yourself. Recognise the unconsciousness within and become conscious......
...... That's the first step towards a new dawn--which is infinetly more practical and powerful than blaming an imperfect world.'

Mmmm! I see the dance of Ego in others. There's a vain struggle for prominence, an aggressive bullying attitude, a kind of 'We Vs Them' mentality....and these things are equally raging within me. I recognise a friend who's slowly going astray and shockingly, I find out that I'm no better. The ego that's pulling him down is pulling me too, maybe at a different pace. I recognise it... he's yet to!

I and he are one. His unconsciousness is mine. My awakening is his too.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A small step backwards...

I've returned to my days of Solitude. Archana is away with the kid, staying with her parents in Jammu for 2-3 months. My room, which was neat and dustfree is back to the endearing old days of untidyness.

I find this disorder a bit stimulating--something I can't explain or understand properly. Order and tidyness outside creates a similar feeling within, but a bit of external chaos is required for me to feel vibrant.

Too much of order suffocates. Peculiar!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Back home...

…from the northern tip of India, Jammu, where I’d to attend the wedding of my sister-in-law. And when you leave a place, roam a bit and return, the same old place appears new, appears enchanting and welcoming. The 'prodigal son' comes to mind--the one who roams and returns has gained depth and maturity than the one who has stayed. Things like right and wrong might have little value in the long run, in the larger scheme of things.

I also return to blogging after a month long gap--the longest vacation in my short stint at blogging. I find newer things to write about, a new vigour to share things, and a hell a lot of ideas. Curiously enough, I find that I could've done more with blogging than just record my experiences.

This past-time activity will now be a more serious venture-- a platform to exchange important ideas, to find things that can help me and others, to find inspiration and motivation for growth from across the virtual world and share it here, to participate actively in discussions that truly matter, to link to awesome sites and blogs-- and of course to continue to record my observations of everyday living and reflect on what I experience.

That's a tall order but, as the saying goes, 'To dream small is a crime'. In the words of my team leader--'As in cricket, if you aim for a win you'll at least draw, but if you aim for a draw you'll end up losing.'

Let me set my sights high, so that I make the most of this wonderful new platform.