Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Buddha on the road

Every evening when I wind up my work and return home through the evening rush hour, I come across a donkey on the streets who makes me go green with envy. He just stands on the edge of pavement facing the road, doing nothing. He looks tremendously contented, absolutely at peace with himself and with the world. There's not a sign of anxiety on his face, no tension in his eyes, and he just stands there unbothered about the mad rush around him. I wonder about this guy's internal landscape,what he might be thinking looking at the fools who go through life in a frenzied hurry, not exactly knowing what they are after.


  1. There is a guy that makes me look twice by my job too. He has a shopping cart, a cooler, a lawn chair,and an American flag. He sets up his little spot in a mediun every day and just chills. Makes me so jealous that I don't have that "screw the man" mentality.

  2. Ahhhh. It could be nice...but I don't know how comfy I would be walking around on 4 legs and pooing in the middle of the street though.

    No, seriously, I wish my job could be more relaxed and every day would feel like a vacation. We can dream...

  3. Maybe it is a gentle reminder to slow down in life and remember we are a bit like animals, anywho.


  4. Anjela,
    Somebody said, it's not the dog in the fight that matters but the fight in the dog. We can enjoy whatever we want to enjoy but it takes a bit of wiping off the dust over our inner selves.

    You should see this guy( mr.donkey ), his eyes are so pure and relaxed, you feel like standing in his place even if it means pooing in the streets without bothering if anyone's staring or not.

  5. Jen,
    Sometimes you feel relaxed around plants and animals than with humans. Animals don't seem to have the baggage of the past, maybe that's why they're so cool. You should know better with Salt and Pepper.