Saturday, August 06, 2005

A new day....

Yesterday was good--- I finally did what I had been planning to do for a long time----start blogging. Then I went home and in between all the busy work dreamt a lot about this blogging thing---- scores of people visit my blog and post comments, I become a part of the blogging community and make a lot of friends, there are offers of making serious money here but I turn it down(geee... i wanna keep this clean and non commercial, you know), we exchange serious information through this platform and soon this becomes something really significant, blah blah blah! In between a seemingly sane voice whispered,' Just shut up and do some serious writing. We'll see if you can change the world through your rantings but first, get things clear in between your ears.' I always listen to this voice but a bit late--- after enjoying the adrenaline rush of my day dreams.
Today I'm at my office though it's a weekend holiday. We are running against a deadline, but strangely the work is yet to start though it's well past noon. Did a good thing that I came late. If the systems don't get ready in an hour I'll be leaving. Before that I think I'll share some thoughts.
What exactly am I going to post here is yet to be finalised. First things first. This will be purely personal so at times I'm not going to censor or edit. Raw things may get posted here but I'll make sure it doesn't stink. I get a lot of jokes from friends and the really good ones will find their way here. I'll write about my job, my dreams of writing, my friends and family, my girlfriend, of course the weather, about George Bush(poor guy), about my conversations with my bike, about my daydreams, my nightmares and some real interesting stuff that doesn't belong to this world.
A friend sent this from across the shores:
Two wise men are sitting near an icecream parlour( okay make it blair and bush).
Blair asks,' how was the exam?' Bush licks the cream from the corner of his lips and says,'Good. but i had a hard time answering that damn question about the past tense of 'think'. I thought, thought, thought and finally wrote 'thunk'.
I think I like this guy--- Bush. Real funny idiot.

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