Saturday, January 07, 2006

Unknown faces.......

"What do you do when life kicks you below the belt, and you can't even get up?"

"Do nothing. Stay put for a while until the storm passes over. Then get your ass off the ground and start walking again. And yeah, don't forget to thank life for the kick. Without it, you probably would've taken life lightly."

It's a late friday afternoon and i'm waiting in my cublicle for my manager to call me for the appraisal meeting. Slightly nervous although i know damn well that i'll have to wait another year for a pay hike. Read chez's response, sent a comment to ash, and as the hot badam milk burns my tongue, the above conversation pops up from memory.

It was nearly 10 years ago on a day, when i was conversing with a distant relative of mine. He is a peculiar character, and even today, he amazes me with his resilience and strength in the face of life's disasters. I was reeling after an overdose of failures and purposelessness, and while wandering on the beach, i found this fella sitting on the sand staring into the distant horizon. He'd just lost his work in the shrimp fields after discovering that his wife had all along been sleeping with his immediate boss(?), and probably had walked straight to the sea-shore from the toddy shop. In a small village like ours, news travels faster than a fart smell and such news runs at super fast speed. When i saw him there, i suspected that he'd come there to drown himself. But he was cheerful and within five minutes of blabbering, he spoke out the above lines. Today, he's still there in the same village, working in the same shrimp fields, and his wife still sleeps with someone else. He's the same cheerful fellow. I don't know whether to call him a success or a horrible failure. Nonetheless, he's a good man and the advice he gave that day, somehow has stayed in me.

The appraisals are going on in the next room, and looking at the pace, my turn seems to be scheduled for monday. I usually blog in between office hours and during lunch time. So one thing that makes this work more tolerable and enjoyable is the occasional dip into the world of blogs. It's been 6 months since i put shop in the blogosphere. So I'm a six month baby in the blogworld! My first visitor was Jen! She writes spontaneosly and i love her blog irrespective of any lack of fancy and high fireworks. Then came Bookworm! He wrote from a bookstore from timbuctoo and wrote very well too. I wonder where and why he disappeared suddenly. One of the most promising bloggers was Jen from states! I got into a very good discussion with her on two occassions and although, we differed in our views, it left no bitterness, at least in me. Now a days she writes very less, and i miss her intelligent views on a variety of issues. I also discovered some interesting blogspaces like those of Jay, Nick, and now recently, Blogchaat! Made good friends with Ash, who's a mix of sugar and chilly!!! Pulled Chez's legs on his Christian sermons and realised the futility of those stupid discussions! The other regular friends whom i visit often are Ro, Edu, Val, and recently, Elisa. Also encountered a hot headed idiot, Adrian and a very talented--don't-care-girl from orlando, Natalia!

In these 6 months i've had a fantastic time in the blogworld. I've learnt a lot from the writings of these friends and countless others here. I've written intermittenly on a few things and got patted on the back for the mediocre efforts. In short, it's been a fascinating experience for me--- posting my thoughts, reading the comments of these unknown friends, responding to those comments and watching friendships grow, visiting other blogs regularly and learning about the authors through their thoughts.....Never thought about all these when i wrote my first post on a rainy afternoon in early august.

As Nick said, what makes life possible is an intolerable anxiety of the unknown tomorrow. Hope the tomorrow brings more of such unknown gifts to everyone!!!


  1. Hi. I found that post really moving. I think it's among your best so far, and it's definitely good enough to make the middle-column of a very good newspaper. What the shrimp farmer said was quite thought provoking. But I know a man who is like that, too. Quite well, since he is my father!

    Getting around to what I really wanted to say: all the best with that appraisal. I'm sure the events that turn out will be for the best.

    Take care, and keep blogging.

  2. Yayness to blogging!!

    I remember reading your blog and thought, I like how you present yourself and maybe I can learn a thing or two. I was surprised to be the first one to comment!


  3. Hello Vishwa:)
    Nice blog, and I was surprised that I saw my name! I guess I should say Thank You, for being:)
    Take care, Elisa:)

  4. Thanks for quoting my quote!

    And thanks for your opening quotes. For the past 2 days I have felt as if life has kicked me below the belt, and I can't even get up. I have been trying to “stay put for a while until the storm passes over.” Then maybe I’ll be able to get my ass off the ground and start walking again.

  5. Hey!. Thanks for those kind words! :)

  6. hey congrats buds ....there are just a few ppl around i call Buds in this blog world..

    2006 i guess is time for emotional posts i guess ...urs the first today in the list ....

    as i always say ....a nice post...keep blogging ..

    and me seriously considring what ever u suggested ...partly because i agreed with u too and yes blog chaat ....i am a visitor there after ur post that day will blog roll once me in office tomorrow ...

    lv and regards Budz

  7. Wit...Yeah, events should turn out for the best. I don't mind even if they go wrong...what bothers me is my reaction. I don't feel good if i'm anxious or nervous.
    Thanks for the comments. Any thoughts on restarting your blog entries? Can you find time? Please do it!

    Jen...Blogworld has given me many friends, among whom you're the first, so you're special. Take care and keep us all updated about your life through your posts.
    Good luck.
    Elisa.... i guess, the virtual friends here on the blogworld may not be as real and as intimate as the real ones you have---but nonetheless, we share a special friendship. We need to keep track of this relationship and renew it every now and then.
    Hope blogging doesn't obstruct your everyday routine. Don't stop blogging(with reference to your latest post). Take care

    Nick...You're in my prayers. Know very well that no kick has the power to knock down the human spirit completely. Inspite of a hundred failures and setbacks, we're still alive, smiling and hoping. Setbacks teach us lessons, let's absorb them and move ahead, but never give up.
    I wish you speedy recovery from your temporary lowdown. Take care.

    Chez....Why art thou sarcastic? Those kind words weren't personal. Discussions become stupid when we don't see the other person's point and go on argueing that we're right, and use the other one's arguements selectively to further our point. It leads nowhere and is a waste of time for all involved.
    I've decided not to waste time in such useless discussions. You don't see my point, and i don't understand your viewpoint. So what's the point in argueing about God, religion and spirituality? Let's practice what we belive in sincerely. Afterall it's the same energy that guides everyone in every path. Good luck to you.

    Ash...(So you're ashwathi, i thought it was aishwarya!!!!). It was enjoyable writing this post, because i had no idea what to write and once i wrote the first few lines, everything started flowing automatically. The post, kinda wrote itself. Felt really good in the end.
    Thanks for considering blogchaat. Hope to read more of great posts from you.

  8. Wow,Im feeling very emotional.Thanks for sharing the words spoken by the shrimp farmer.I doubt a lot of us have such courage to move on once we have been hit so hard.
    Good luck with your appraisal.
    Congratulations on your 6 months.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.It makes blogging worth it.I have encountered some awe inspiring individuals.Looking forward to many more posts from you.Cheers.

  9. Thanks, Vishwa. I back up and on my feet again.

  10. Nice post...Title of the post is good...

  11. Edu....Thanks and wish you the same.


    Nick.....:-) :-) :-)

  12. Hello Vishwa:)
    Thanks for your comment, and I won't stay away, just not blog and post very often. Take care, Elisa:)