Thursday, August 11, 2005

Trip, blogs and the weather

Good things are happening on their own. I seriously wanted to stay at home and miss the mysore trip but there was very little chance that I could afford to say no to my family, having done that many times in the past. I told my friends ( with the usual scowl ), dreamt not going anywhere, wrote it here in my posts, and good golly, the trip's cancelled! Three days of laziness after quite a long time! I'm gonna love it.
Got to read some good blogs. When I began browsing for blogs, I thought this was a medium for all the frustated morons out there who were desperately searching for a place to howl their lungs out. Many blogs actually confirmed this but since two days I'm browsing through some real good sites. Have added one or two in my links and will add more soon.This is a real phenomenon-- this blog thing. So many sensible and intellingent voices sharing their thoughts and opinions with the whole world!
Bangalore' s back to its pleasant old days. The traffic's horrible, not to speak of the bustling crowds and pollution but the weather gods are kind on us.

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