Saturday, August 27, 2005

A thought

Yeah, this is true for me and may be for many others.
We always crave for appreciation although we hate to admit it. We want to be admired and welcomed by others. What others think of one makes a very big difference to anyone. If there is rejection in the other person's eyes it affects our self-esteem and if he/she admires, then everything should be okay with us. It's difficult to be at ease even if there's no one to appreciate and accept us no matter what. Only the enlightened ones live like this--or psychopaths for whom nothing matters.
It's good to say that I'll be cool even if nobody gives a damn, even if I'm rejected. But practically it requires tremendous mental control to be immune to other's opinion of us.
If I observe my daydreams this one factor becomes glaring--- most of them revolve around my truimphs in the material world, with all those who matter watching me and applauding either directly or silently. Very few of them concern things I do just for the fun of doing them, or just because I love to do them without the expectation of any reward.


  1. First,

    Thanks for linking me.

    About your post:

    I think we all want a group of people to care for us. Family and a core of friends are important. It is also vital to be appreciated at work as a valuable worker. Yet, beyond that, I don't much care. Well, let me explain. I like that people want to be around me and that they seek my company. However, if someone dislikes me, whatever the reason, I lose no sleep over it whatsoever.


  2. Here is an interesting concept I thought up..

    People are more concerned about how people think of them, so when you think about it, everyone is more in their heads about people liking them/not than actually liking/not liking, etc.

    Or better yet.

    When you worry about people liking you, you really shouldnt cuz most people worry the same thing. And if we are worried on whether or not we are liked, we shouldnt cuz people are just worrying about themselves, not others.

  3. Most of us carry insecurites or baggage from past experiences that effect how we view ourselves and others. It is difficult even for the most confident person to always ingnore those feelings. Maybe the secret is to push past that little voice of doubt that causes us to question ourselves and have faith we are worthy of what ever we achieve. I suppose if this were easy to do everyone would do it.

  4. Natalia,
    Thanks for your opinion. Read somewhere that one of the primary needs of a being a human is to be appreciated, loved and accepted by others. Yet, the next step one has to take is to be satisfied with one's Self irrespective of the outside world. I'm trying this and felt like sharing with others here.

    Hahaa, that's a nice idea. I'll mull over it.

    Jen(from Florida(?)
    You're right. It's not easy to ignore other's opinion but I think we have to.
    And yeah, thanks for your post on the iraq occupation. Ignore the morons who don't agree with you and post nasty comments. Hmmm, here is your opportunity to ignore other's opinion and stick to what you think as right.