Monday, July 18, 2011

Before memory fades...

VishwaAmara is a chotu website, not known much until now but becoming more visible slowly. It was launched just last year, on gurupoornima day by my friend Karthik and his sister Kavitha, to share some very rare knowledge which they were receiving through higher spiritual experiences. One year has zip-zapped-zoomed like a supersonic jet!

I remember just before the launch of the website, he said, 'it's exciting and thrilling, yet scary-anxious'. From then on week after week, they've presented information on various aspects of spirituality. I think the most interesting revelation came last year when they said, '2012 has been postponed'--which nobody in the New Age circles knew (or were talking about). Then there was this awe inspiring information about realities which is not recorded even in our scriptures--the knowledge about Mula Brahman--the Primordial God and the unmanifested Universes. A couple of months back, they published articles about the living Gods on our Earth--Lord Kalki and Lord Mahavatara. In between there were series of articles--one on the Light bodies of the future, along with techniques which anyone can practice to shift into such advanced bodies. Of course, the first article itself was one of the most important ones--How to start meditations(and its benefits). In one year they've covered a lot of solid ground, an impressive body of 50 odd articles.

These youngsters, sitting quietly at an obscure corner of the cyberworld, bringing down highly esoteric knowledge from the mystical realms and presenting them to everyone in an easy method, without much fanfare, with no expectations whatsoever! This work ain't simple, ain't easy. The passion they have for their chosen work(or, did the work choose them?), the dedication they bring to the table and perhaps most importantly, being grounded amidst all the excitement and josh! Zero pretensions. Simple-straightforward warmth.

I asked him recently on what the impact of his website has been since its launch. 'It was necessary to put all this pure, undistorted knowledge from the Rishis in public domain,' he said. 'We wanted as many people as possible to know all these. And We've reached quite a lot of them from different parts of the world. Many have decided to take spiritual guidance from us. Perhaps most importantly, we've been able to spread a lot of energies directly through these articles, through this website....'

Now...there's this book. The Light Age-a guide to humanity's spiritual evolution. I had expected it to be a paid download, with some free excerpts, considering the value and depth this book has. Or maybe he'd find a publisher and release a paperback. But this dude's giving it away for free! Anyone can download it in an instant-- an elegantly designed book containing invaluable knowledge about the times we live in, the hidden spiritual activities that are going on behind the scenes and the extraordinary life that awaits us in a few years from now!

He has mused about the various aspects of his work in the latest article. And yeah, something he speaks less about--a request for donations. For a website that's been providing such wonderful content for free for over a year and now giving away a book, this request has come quite late. I guess, it's only through generous monetary support that such activities can be sustained.

Soluntra King, the lightworker from New zealand has written an affectionate and fantastic afterword to this book. Worth reading at least a dozen times(for its value, and also because you don't get it all in one read, hehe!)

Here's wishing the VishwaAmara team--Karthik and his sister Kavitha-- a hearty congratulations on completing one year of the website. Let them download and bring forth many many tomes of knowledge from the higher realms and make them available to all of us. Let more books get published from VishwaAmara.

Let there be Light and more Light on our beautiful planet, through initiatives like VishwaAmara.