Saturday, September 23, 2006

Early morning....

..... get up at 5. Yawn a bit and splash yourself with warm water. Still yawning, meditate for half an hour. Come out in semi-darkness on the terrace. Watch the early morning wet road and the retired elders of the colony walking briskly, diligently. Look up at the glowing horizons, the clear sky. A grey feathered eagle on the coconut branch nearby. Cool breeze. No worry. Life's good.

Wanna be up next day at this hour.

There's a mass exodus happening around me--at work, of course. A lot of guys are quitting the company, some of them good friends of mine. This ship-jumping is more common in IT companies, where its often the lure of better pay-scales and sometimes better exposure in other places that prompts employees to quit their jobs. It's a bit unsettling--personally. You don't just sit in front of a computer and play with the keyboard and mouse. The people you work with also matter. Suddenly one day the guy sitting next to you announces that he'll not be coming from next monday, that he has found a better offer in a fortune 500 company and you are a bit jolted. You don't have to be jolted but you are. It's as if your neighbour is quitting and you'll not see him anymore. Not that it will affect you deeply but still it unsettles a bit if a lot of guys you meet regularly at work start quitting.

Another friend is leaving but it actually makes me happy that he is doing so. He's not joining any MNC or going abroad. He's quitting WORK as we understand it and going for something that he's passionate about and is dedicated to.
That's something I hope I'll do some years down the line.

Re-reading Magus of Strovolos. Like Power of now, this is a treasure of unknown truths and nuggets.

Been chewing on this from two days;

Daskalos says: ' I don't judge others, so I don't care what anyone thinks about me.'

Simple yet spot on.

Daily ritual

After the mid-day lunch at a hotel near our office, I sit on a small platform facing the busy road, along with a friend. We order a one-by-two tea. Sip it slowly and watch the traffic rush past, a few feet away. Not many words spoken.

What's so magical about this? Nothing. Except that it's simply blissful. Don't know why.

Stray thoughts

'Why don't you eat properly? Look how thin you've become...'

'No brinjals, no raddish, bittergourd, drumsticks, shouldn't be so choosy. Why do you always complain about taste? Health is more important, not just satisfying your taste buds..'

'A TV? Why? Why can't you sit with us and watch these programmes? Why do you want to spend on another tv set...?'

'Why do you watch all those english movies? Nothing but sex and violence....'

'Don't spend all of your salary. Save a bit. Never know what happens tomorrow...'

'Your ears are so red...must be High BP...When are you going to the doctor? And what happened to your appointment with the eye specialist...?'

Although I'm amused to be treated like a baby after all these years, I'm beginning to get irritated.

'Don't be so short tempered and edgy. Your child will also become one...'


  1. Yes, life is good—and watching the sunrise has always reinforced that for me. Except, of course, when I have not yet been to sleep.

    The same type of job hopping took place in California during the height of the Internet commerce craze in the late 90s. My #1 son, the computer whiz-kid and e-commerce expert, worked for 3 different major companies in 3 three, beside owning and running his own Internet e—commerce business. I could never understand how any business could succeed with such a high personnel turnover.

    Thank you for turning me on to The Magus of Strovolos and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. They are books that I have not read, but will.

  2. SSN---Totally read Power of Now....awesome book!

    Vishwa--the stray thoughts....kinda sounds like paternal nagging. Is that the case cuz I can totally relate at the moment(since im back at home for the time being). Cant wait to have my own place with Jassen!

  3. Oh Vishwa this is one of my favourite posts. It really gives the flavour of your life to us where life is so different. Oooh the Magus of Strovolos - I dont know that one, how delightful to have recommendations!

    And the last section of stray thoughts - I can hear all the family voices, you have a wonderful knack.

    Keep meditating and enjoy those blissful moments with tea. As Thich Nhat Hanh says "Drink your cloud"

  4. Nick... I took up Magus after someone recommended, and it's so similar to what I believe and understand. Although the cultural background of that book is different, it points to the fact that, irrespective of differences in us, we're all essentially the same.
    Agree with you--getting up early with the sun makes one hopeful and optimistic--no matter what. Have felt this many times.

    Jen....Stray thoughts are definetly parental nagging--also the voice of Archana here and there. Maybe it isn't nagging--they have their best intentions for me. When it becomes persistent enough, it begins to get on the nerves. Nonetheless it's enjoyable.

    Val...this diffent flavour of life a blog offers is what makes it kinda addictive. I regularly read blogs from foreign shores than indian for this reason alone.

    'Drink your cloud'!! Thanks. I will and Am.

  5. vish, i totally agree with u on the peer attrition. it feels bad, but most of the times when they are going for better opportunities.

  6. Your posts always have fabulous pictures. And I only noticed recently, they generally seem to be somehow connected to what the post is actually saying. Now that's some skill! Blog on! :)

  7. Appu...Hahaa, that's good. But I feel bad, irrespective of whether they're going for a better position or worse.
    What shakes me is, how fragile this association is. You spend 8 hours everyday with these guys(not continuously, of course), and in no time, the acquaintance snaps. It's the same with life, but here it's more evident.

    Wit.... Good to see you after so long. Thanks.
    Been following the articles on blogchaat though I'm a bit lazy on commenting.

  8. happens even with class mates. thats life.