Friday, August 05, 2005

About rains

Today the topic is only about rains. Nothing else.
We are entering the peak of monsoons here in bangalore, and last week, Mumbai had to live through the worst nightmare in its recent memory. Heard on TV that many people were on the roads for more than 16 hours before they could reach home. Mumbai was totally at the mercy of the weather gods--- it's always at the mercy of some God-- if not the weather god, then the mafia god or the political gods.
Mumbai always haunts you for the rest of your life if you visit it even once. It's a ghost city. A city that's too fast for ordinary mortals. You can't forget it's tasty vadaa pav, the ever overcrowded local trains, the tremendous mix of various cultures in its belly, the feeling of loneliness you experience in a crowd and strangely, the feeling of being at home even if you are alone.
I feel Mumbai has reached its bursting point.

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