Saturday, August 13, 2005

Me,myself and ........

Sometime back I kept a journal for a year or two and whenever I had trouble I'd vomit into it--so to say. It contained many dark things but strangely it made for a highly interesting reading. It was very authentic but I couldn't share it with anyone, so when a friend went through it I was mad at him. Most of it, I've thrown away and some I disguised in a few stories I wrote during that period. I doubt if I write all those things here. I doubt if this kind of censoring hinders the genuineness of my writings here.
Nonetheless, I'm enjoying these posts and even if nobody bothers to read my blog, I for one will read it.
There are a lot of changes back home. Dad is no longer the tiger he used to be. He's more subdued these days since he retired from service. He's more relaxed ever since I came out of my hippie mindset and decided to settle down. I don't know to what extent I'm responsible for other's attitudes towards life. But we are more friendly and approachable to each other now.
Mom want's me to take more responsibilities on one hand, and at the same time wants me to listen to her. She's quite mysterious. I'm curious about her silent strength and motivation.

Yeah, I'm trying to impress all those who read these lines. So what!

Once I read a fantastic novel in which the hero is somewhat of a recluse. We hardly see him in the novel but the entire story revolves around him. Those who know him try to find him but he keeps escaping into his solitude. In the accounts narrated by these people and in their efforts to reach him, a very compelling portrait of the hero emerges.
Okay okay, I want the same thing to happen here. I'm the hero and in the accounts of the people who know me, a portrait of mine shall emerge.
( Ignore the last paragraph. The computer has taken over and is adding these lines on its own.)

The weekend is here. Hurray! A business man,(vijay mallya, I think) said "I've been successful because I don't have this 'thank god, it's friday' attitude. I love my job"
Point noted. But still it's friday and I feel like dancing.

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