Friday, November 18, 2005

Snow flakes on your shoulder....

I'm walking on a lonely road. It's early in the morning and the mist around me makes it difficult to see anything beyond 10 feet. It has snowed the previous night and the roadside pine trees look like santaclauses lined up to welcome all visitors to this village. The air is chilly-- although i'm wrapped up in two sweaters and a blanket, i'm shivering a bit. There's snow everywhere--the ground, the shrubs, the trees, the occassional houses at a distance--all are covered with cottony white soft snow.

There's an old man sitting by the roadside. He has a turban around his head and a torn dirty blanket around him. His shoes are worn out. I stop near him and gaze at his face as he gets up slowly. His face is very familiar but i'm unable to recognise him. He smiles an affectionate toothles smile.

We are walking together in silence-- I and the old man. The mist begins to clear slowly and along with that there's a slight clarity within also. I begin to remember that I've abandoned everything and come to this strange place in search of something. But I've forgotten the reason why I'm here. As I try to make sense of things the old man coughs once and asks, 'Would you like to have a cup of tea?'

I observe that he has a black scar on his nose as i reply, 'No, thank you.'

Now the mist has cleared further. At a distance a river flows smoothly down the rocks. I should cross this village and turn northwards to reach my destination. But where exactly am I going? What am I searching for? Why did I abandon everything and come in search of something I don't even remember now? I have no answer to any of these questions and as I ponder over these, a voice crackles up from beside me, ' Want a cup of tea?'

There are snowflakes on his shoulder. He has a slight smile but he's not joking. I smile back and just say, 'No'. He must be atleast 70, but is healthy and agile.

The snow on the ground is soft and fluffy. We are walking briskly and I can see the sun rays lighting some tree tops at a distant bend. Somehow I feel that the destination is nearer than anticipated. I look at the old man walking beside me. He has a song on his lips and a spring in his steps. Suddenly I remember that we haven't introduced ourselves to one another. Where else have I seen him before? And why is he walking with me now?

'Do you want a cup of tea?'--- his voice is warm as ever. I stare at him. The mist has cleared now and we are at the bend in the road. Early morning rays pierce through the pine leaves and dance on his turban. Before I conclude that I'm walking with a mad man, he points to my shoulder and says;-'Snowflakes'.

* * *

I remember this dream so vividly because I've seen this many times over the past 7 years. And also because this is not just a dream--at least not fully.


  1. Hallo there, what a lovely post. I could see it all with you. Wonderful description and very intriguing.

    I was just amending my blog, when "a walk in the drizzle" appeared as being updated, and my hand went for the mouse and "click" here I was!

    Only read a couple of your posts so far, but looking forward to a longer look later.

    "Malgudi" - I had forgotten those books, what carefully drawn characters live there.

  2. Awesome and strange dream...kinda felt like I was walking with you two with such a nice description..

    Do you ever wonder if maybe the old man is you, saying to slow down and enjoy the scenery?

    Or it might be a past life re-surfacing, which is cool.

    Check out and plug in a few items to see what it might be telling you, if you are into dream interpretations.


  3. val,
    I'm happy you found something interesting here and i thank you for the appreciation.

    Malgudi---is a fantastic place; it's people more real than the real ones. A few of those novels and shortstories were televised; normally writers are not satisfied with the visual version of their works but R.K.Narayan was bowled over on watching these teleserials. They were shot so beautifully with all the subtle nuances.

    I gather you have a japanese connection. I have a craze and fascination for zen, and will stop over at your doorstep as often as possible.

  4. Jen,
    It's a collage of dream and reality. Sometimes the boundaries get blurred.

  5. Im reading a book called Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra....its really good so far(on lesson 6/20)...kinda mentions that...the blurring of things...and how we label and define things.....thats our mind doing that...

  6. I wish if i could be that mad man offering you a cup of tea :D <3

  7. Awesome writeup.. good feel of the first snowfall experience that I had in Michigan.. left us a bit of mystery as well... Prasanna