Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gump is a master.

This is interesting!
Chuang tzu, a chinese master has said this:
' In order to find happiness, Man has to transcend his desire for success and wealth and also his fear of failure and poverty.'
Yesterday night I watched a portion of Forrest Gump, for the umpteenth time. Gump is relieved of his service in the army and sent home. He holds his termination letter and says 'And that was eeet. My service in the army just ended like thaaat.' And he just runs home.
Gump is a master but he doesn't know it. On the surface he's a fool but he has all the qualities of a master. I may be relieved of my work in a month or two. I'm not sure if I show a similar response. Bet I'd love to.


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