Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Small Con for a Big Cause...

The drama has just begun and it'll only get interesting from here. The Anna hazaare show is over. All are happy and satisfied that the lokpal bill will be passed with stricter filters to check corruption. The govt. had to eat humble pie. A frail 73 year old man lead the second freedom struggle and united the nation for a noble cause. Now, there're bigger battles to be won, beginning with electrol reforms. So the spectacle of this fast, which was assaulting our senses (and getting irritating day by day)is now over and the media is now focussing on other worthier things. Good good.

One question which nobody is asking, and at least someone should point out is this: Did Anna hazaare really fast for so many days? Did he really stay hungry for 13 days and then break his fast? And before he did that, on the 12th night, he stood up on the platform, this 73 year old man, who'd been without food for 12 long days, he stood without a shiver, without tiredness, and spoke eloquently for 5 minutes before singing the national anthem. I mean, give me a break. Does he live in a physical body or has he already transmuted into a Light body?

I have fasted for half a day on many occasions and know first hand the hallowness, the vaccum you begin to feel by the end of it. Baba ramdev, who eats and shits yoga, had to be hospitalized and put on drips after 6 days. Even Anna looked dull, and on his way out, by the end of day 6 and 7. Miraculously after that, he regained composure and got fresher and fresher as days passed by. When his victory was announced, he postponed his 'official fast break' to the next day at 10, instead of doing it immediately! Has he by any chance received initiation from the himalayan yogis, who meditate for months together without food, without water?

It's bloody clear that his fast ended, on day 6 itself, and then onwards, it was a beautiful conjob, a grand tamasha. Either he was given supplements or juice along with the 'water' that he occasionally had. Or whenever he retired to his small room, he must've been fed with essentials. On the last day, he looked as if he had emerged from a good feast. And his team were in no hurry to break his fast and urge the govt during negotiations that 'look, this man is dying, hurry up!' Why would they, afterall? Their man wasn't going anywhere. He was sitting pretty on the stage, not even bothered to pretend tiredness or weakness.

Ya, the cause is important. And noble. To take on the mighty system and initiate a cleansing process--its no mean job. Kudos to anna and everyone(even the absolutely irritating Kiran Bedi) for taking up this cause and bringing the awareness of anti-corruption to so many individuals.

Yet, it's still a con job. In anna's own words...' it's a dhokagadi'! Calling this as the second freedom struggle and comparing the dude to Gandhi, is a national insult to both. They're will be more of such dramas in future, but, as hartosh singh bal said, please, spare us the gandhian halo!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Received this mailer from Soluntra King this morning....and couldn't help sharing it here. It's so inspirational and so important, wish it spreads far and wide. Pl share it with your friends....

Such amazing things are going on as the old world collapses around us; the biggest thing is not to buy into the fear. The fear created all the control dramas with money, wars, manipulating the weather for droughts and starvation, virus’s to kill certain of the population. As well as nuclear power and its pollution, the trees being cut down, the oil being raped and destroying the Earth. The list goes on and we know in 3d it has a big affect on our everyday lives, but for a moment remember who you are and the love and allowing, acceptance and wisdom that comes from who you are, as well as the Light that shines from your core.

We are being downloaded with new light codes at a rapid rate now and the solar flares and making sure we open our hearts and honour the Sun that we are. Do not put all your attention on the fear that is propagated through the media. In the so called crash in 1987 I did not have a TV and never even knew there was a crash, my life was cruising and I was opening up to new opportunities and taking the next step on my journey. It’s the same now, we are here to take the next step on our journey and it’s all good. We did the fear and destruction experiences in Atlantis and the last shift in cycle. We are now moving out of density as we have experienced it to the max, we have just about destroyed ourselves and the world with greed and lack, fear and hate, control and manipulation, now its ‘change the channel time’ to love, acceptance, allowing, peace, joy and radiant light. This is not lala land but real, it’s happening if you want it too in your life too. It’s all a matter of choice.

The old terminators are out of here, its over, do you want to be caught up in their demise and be taken down with them or realise you are here to do a new thing. Do not buy into the illusion, that’s all it is, love is real, love creates and you created yourself from your love. You chose to experience your creation and so here you are in the third dimension as it falls to dust and the New Earth is created from your love and is multi-dimensional just like you.

The fear we have is in our cells and energy bodies is real enough to us in the third dimension, and it keeps us trapped into the limitations of 3D. When we transmute the fear into love we become multi-dimensional and unlimited. Fear is not bad; we needed it for survival in the lower density realms of the third dimension as it propels us to do something to help ourself. You can feel the fear, it blocks the universe giving to you and keeps you trapped in survival and struggle; so deep breathe in golden light and love and acceptance into the fear, the secret is in the breathe that transforms it fast from your body and all your energy bodies.

Look on the bright side this used to take weeks, months and years to clear; now it’s only a matter of minutes, the Light is so powerfully here now. We are always in the now moment, in no time and no space so everything is in the new, all your dark and all your light so choose which suits you better and love and accept it all.

Each moment is up to you to create, even if you feel down realise it’s only your emotional body so give it some love, imagine magenta pink blasting your emotional body. Or those negative thoughts, do something physical to get into your body or imagine soil coming up through you from the earth and your feet up to your head, this gets you out of your head. Imagine the Sun in your heart radiant and bright as it glows through every cell of your body and out through your emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, one golden body of light from the source within you. Fake it til you make it, do it til you are it.

The big lesson is to have no attachments to the particles of chaos that you created from your belief in limitation and your fear of being in a body on planet Earth. Go deeper into yourself and know who you are, that you create by being the love, by allowing and accepting. What ever others need to do, its not your business, your business is to stay positive and light, to be the beam holder you are and realise that you are always looked after if you trust from your heart. Trust your inner voice and be guided by it, trust your intuition, trust that all is well in your world.

I have had so many experiences in this life of trusting when I have had no money at all, and even while travelling and arriving in foreign countries with no money and where I could not even speak the language. It all worked out beautifully, everything always does, trust that all is well in your life, its up to you, you create it.

If you need to lose money, a job, a house, a relationship then you were too attached to it and so welcome the letting go of the old fear and insecurity and know that something better is coming that is from love not fear. I have even had black magicians try to kill me, and then been job offered by them because they could not get rid of me, reason being I love them; accept them, as we are one with everything and everyone.

So if you have a problem with the dark forces, reptilians, illuminati, bankers, politicians or other similar beings then realise its part of you that is not loved within you yet. So see or imagine that inner dictator or dark lord and connect, deep breathe and tell him or her "I love you. I accept you exactly as you are" until the inner dark you is whole and healed.

If you are worried about the starving people in Somalia or wherever, or the tortured, shot at, nuked, homeless ones around the globe then look at the energy in your first and love it in you, then see the outer ones as whole and healed. That’s if you really want to be of some use in assisting them and humanity.

The greatest gift you can give is to see the divine in everyone right now, then that allows them to be it. If you see them as sick, unfortunate, in pain, traumatised, needing to be helped then your thoughts keep them trapped in that energy. Your thoughts are so very powerful; you create through them, so awareness of how you perceive yourself and others keeps you in either the loop of struggle and fear, pain and anguish or radiant well being, joy and unlimited abundance for all.

Everything is consciousness and we have all chosen our lessons and lives from our level of consciousnesses. There are no victims we created it, so it’s up to you and me, all of us to change the creation to a lighter brighter world for all. So keep seeing and affirming how light and beautiful you are, whole and healed and everyone else, those close and in the collective, all one. You are fulfilling your reason for being here, radiant star that you are.

. We are all divine, we are all beautiful and radiant and each one of us has an amazing gift to share.
Some of us have experiences to transform them in order to understand, some of us have experienced and not registered it all yet, some of us have not experienced much at all for fear of what could happen, but we are all one and whatever your journey remember one thing. You are so brave to even be here at this great shift in cycle, in a body on this planet at such a crucial time. You came in here against all those odds and you are still alive and reading this now, that tells me how strong you are and connected to your inner light, so instead of being hard on yourself, be grateful that you are so strong and brave just to be here right now, in this moment is all that matters, as you glow so bright.


The Star that I am as I play on the star of Earth, all joy to the worlds for I have chosen to play in form and experience the creators delight, as I create from the heart, the doorway of my soul is open and I dance in eternal delight.

I have merged the worlds and bridge the Stars and Earth, the Universes and Worlds created by all creation, by all other my selves as I journey through the Void and into the Light far beyond whatever I foresaw as there are unlimited facets in the Diamond so bright that shines from my heart.

Beyond the so called parallel lives in human form and the human dances and dramas: The ancient one is free, the knowing of all universes held within thee, unlocked by acceptance, love and allowing of all forms of life that I/we are: The rock and tree, bird and fish, insect and plant shinning so bright atoms of myself in all of these.

The river flows so deep through the cosmos, the solar barque takes me home into the ancient of ancient. The Earth but a fleeting thought, an image created and yet in that one fleeting thought worlds within worlds within worlds. The ancient in me is all creation flowing through Galaxies and Worlds, Universes from my home to my home all is lived and experienced by thee, you and me, all of us, one particle and unlimited facets of the one thought, one sound, one breathe that came and is coming and goes through and out, up and down, round and round, simply playing in the music of the spheres.

How can I be attached in anyway to what my body is doing, my life, the world as it is, in this fleeting moment, this tiniest particle of a thought of prime creator. As I dance in the breeze, the Sun caressing me with such love, the Sun of the solar worlds; of worlds within worlds, the light that caresses me even in the darkest places, for I am free.

In the One Heart

Love Soluntra

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

living in darkness...

Not the metaphorical darkness, as in light vs dark, silly! I'm talking about the real darkness. Of the night. The one which is banished by the bright flouroscent lights at sun down. The soft darkness that returns when the power goes pop! And lingers on, until some idiot goes ahead and switches on the emergency lamp. Or lights a candle to mess up the soothing world of darkness.

I would get scoldings(and still do) because of this love of the dark. If I'm near the switch, I always postpone switching on the light even after dusk. If there's a power shut down and I'm anywhere
near the torch or candle, I wait a while before lighting them, trying to enjoy the sudden arrival of soft darkness as much as possbile. Somehow, you settle into a natural state of peace at such moments. Your thoughts arrive with more clarity. Or better, they stop arriving and you get near a state of just being. Without thoughts. Existing.

They say, at the deepest level, you're a spark of light. I would say, you belong more to the infinite abyss, the never ending darkness, than to the finite light. The void is your true nature, more basic than light which came out of it. I guess, you briefly return to that void when you slip into sleep every night. And it's a glimpse of that true nature which makes the occasional arrival of darkness on power shutdown so endearing.

Of course, this doesn't go on for long. Someone switches on the light. Life which had come to a beautiful halt begins to groan and chug along again. You're yanked out of your reverie and peace, back to the hurried world of mundane activities.

And every morning, the alarm beep or the nagging voice of early risers pulls you out from the soothing abyss and throws you back into life.

Well, damn.