Saturday, September 01, 2012

Future Crazy...

 September is a big month, as far as Soluntra is concerned. She sends out a newsletter every month or so and it's full of love, light and inspiration.This month, she has information of intense Solar flare activities and major changes at the personal level for each of us. No doomsday stuff but something to be aware of and observe.

 I remember NASA predicted similar things a few years ago, about intense solar flares in Aug-Sept 2012, and how it 'might' destroy our Earth's electromagnetic grid. What it also means is the possible breakdown of our electrical and telecommunication systems, or in other words, a complete freeze of our modern world and daily activities. All these are just possibilities and such events have been averted or postponed, or gone kaput quite a number of times.

So, will september see such major events? Nobody can tell for sure. However there are subtler things which we can do through our meditations, or through our 'inner work' as Soluntra calls them. These I believe can strengthen us and help us cope up in the event of major disruptions. And also help the world in the bigger picture, in small ways that can't be perceived logically. She has mentioned a beautiful practice in her newsletter which is summarized and also reprinted in full, here. You can participate in this work, by practicing it everyday for a few minutes, until Sept 22nd.

 If you feel inspired to follow it up or practice a bit and loosen up, check it out.