Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The day after...

Independence day brings back memories of the celebrations in my school days. It was something we all looked forward to although there wasn't much stuff in it. One incident is still vivid in memory. A friend who was always short of money asked me to lend him a rupee so that he could buy an icecream cone. I had the money but wanted to buy a chocolate bar for myself, so I lied that I had none. I ate the chocolate bar but his disappointment stayed in me--I couldn't forgive myself for this. I wonder where all those people are now.
Yesterday was somehow melancholic. I saw two good movies but was out of mood in the end. Sometimes it happens. You get so involved in a movie or a book that the characters become real for you, you don't want the tragedy to happen, you wish they'd fared better, you forget that they are just imaginary people. "Road to Perdition" sucked me in totally. I need more detachment, not only from imaginary people but also from the real ones.
I'm waiting for some magic to happen. There are many things that I want in life and somehow unconsciously, I wish they materialise on their own. Postponement is my current obsession.

Feeling out of sorts today!

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