Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Interesting faces

* An old beggar who stands outside my office. His wife will usually be sitting at a distance, watching him. He always asks for more even after someone gives him a rupee or two. Once a friend gave him 10 rs. and the old man put it inside his pocket and started afresh.
* A middle aged surgeon who has quit his practice and recently joined our company as a software developer. He's aloof, finishes his lunch in a corner at the cafetaria, and usually walks the length and breadth of the office in between writing code.
*The boy who brings us tea every hour or two. He's the most cheerful person in the entire company, always walks with a song on his lips and a smile, and on a recent office tour, allegedly emptied two bottles of wine and danced like crazy.
* The guy who's writing this. More about him later. ( inserted by the computer!)
* My one year old niece. She calls every one--even the dog on the street-- as 'mamma'.
* Two street dogs that come to our house every night to eat the leftovers. They also relieve their itch by taking turns to nibble each other behind the ears.


  1. I love to notice interesting faces. Today I noticed an elderly man who held the door open for me at a clothing store. When I smiled and thanked him, he became bashful and said 'welcome'.

  2. Yeah, and they remove the routine and ordinariness of life, as well.
    I think it's an attitude one has to build-- to always look for the interesting in the mundane.

    Enjoyed your blog too.