Friday, November 11, 2011

This is for you...

No you can't get rid of the memories. They'll remain reverberating within you, as long as you live, as long as you're a conscious human being. And maybe, it's only in an enlightened state that you're completely free of them.

I have very beautiful memories of her...why-- we both have them. And it's mighty difficult and painful to see the completely different person she has turned into. A heaven-earth difference! And sometimes we fly into a rage discussing her, talking about how she has changed and how many people she has hurt along the way and what not! At times, my blood boils and as I start exploding...

''re getting too negative,' comes the caution. 'Think of all the good times we have had with her. Remember the love that existed then, the affection, the gratitude and feelings of mutual respect. Unfortunate that its all over now. Just get over these feelings of hatred and anger.'

And finally this is what I thought. Maybe, she's just like our little son, whom we adore, and who's also a mighty pain at times. We correct him, reprimand him when he doesn't listen, but no, we don't hate, we don't judge. Amidst all the show of disapproval and strictness, he stands closest to our hearts, the apple of our eye. We might reject his tantrums(and enjoy them too many times!) but no, we don't wish wrong for him.

So while she continues to shower her silent anger on us, we go about our business, minding life in our own little universe. No, we don't hate you for what you've become. That's a journey you've chosen and one which you'll have to answer for. From our end, it's only gratitude for all the good times, and a prayer for your well-being and those of others.

Maybe in a distant future(and another space), we'll sit together and have a good time laughing over this difficult period and our amateur responses.

And maybe, we're already there! This, this pain is the memory which we both are reliving from there.