Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In the face of disasters.....

Mother nature has yawned once more and 30,000 people are under the rubble in a matter of minutes. You can train terrorists in camps, poison their minds through your perverted doctrines, arm them with the most sophisticated weapons and send them across the borders to bleed your neighbouring country. But when such a force strikes you, what on earth can you do? What chance do you have against the fury of nature?

The same can be said about that idiot Bush. He can attack any country in the name of whatever bullshit, bully every other nation in the world, either through military might or threats of economic sanctions, but when the might of nature thunders on the shores, what can he do except show his shameless face on tv, appearing apologetic and helpless?

Innocents die along with scoundrels when disaster strikes. But that's life, i think. I remember a master who said, 'The whole of humanity is one and interconnected. When someone does a good ( an invention, for example), the whole mankind benefits, and whenever there are atrocities, everyone has to bear the brunt.'

Life is complex; and until we become capable of grasping its meaning we have no other option but to pray.


  1. god works in mysterious ways....

    there is a reason to the rhyme

  2. well written.....but does this mean that we indians or the unaffected ones(nations) are on the side of truth .....!!!

  3. Jen,
    I agree with you and am a strong believer in the law of karma. Destruction is a part of life here and sometimes its cruel too. But can't help.

    Difficult to generalise in such a simple way. But i gather, if you are on the side of truth( irrespective of your nationality or whatever), that truth will protect you. Maybe there are unseen forces at work here.