Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I wanna walk down there...

On an unknown road, what are you searching for?

What you thought as far off is just next to you.


  1. hey when did u write fiction and when is ur birthday.....noticed u are a libran too

  2. Ash,
    Some years back i was neck deep into writing, and did some translations along with attempting fiction during that time. Now, this blog is the only thing i write.
    I'm a libran but i don't break my head over astrology.
    Your blog is interesting. Is that you in the picture?

  3. ya i like lulu the cartoon character and astrology is just for fun ....the good is the remember the bad ones to forget immediately. i sont break my head either over it..

  4. This looks like a good background for a picture or even a movie. The colors of the leaves and the skies are beautiful.