Thursday, October 20, 2005

Going crazy for a change...

Took a day off yesterday. Did something crazy day before. My vehicle ran out of petrol on the way and i had to push it nearly a mile to a petrol bunk. And after filling up the fuel, the vehicle refused to start. It was late evening and the drizzle had turned into a steady downpour. Most of the mechanic shops in the surrounding areas were shutting down because it's the month of ramzan. I got hold of a mechanic but he couldn't get the vehicle started. And there i was, stranded five miles from home with a heavy scooter, enjoying the cold shower from the skies. What would any sane person do in such a situation? Park the vehicle somewhere and take an auto home.

Here comes the zany stuff. I pushed my vehicle for nearly five miles in the rain and reached home at 10 in the night! Got up the next day with a terrible headache and exhaustion. Called up office and applied for a leave. And slept the whole day like a log of wood. Now i'm back to work fresh like a dew drenched flower.

Ahem... life looks good now.


  1. When is this rain going to stop?

  2. Haha....5 miles??

    eek!! that must have been really hard on your legs and arms!!

    I wish I could sleep like a log, but my sleep has been really lite for months and months.

    That should change when I go back to the states. There is alot of pollution in the London air and ever since coming June last year, I've gotten allergies and sinus issues.


    Hope all is well with you now!!

  3. Chez,
    It ain't gonna stop in this millenia. It's gonna rain, rain and rain--so let's make our peace with the rain gods and accept and welcome them. No use cursing the rains.
    I'm fine now. Thanks for stopping by. What a fantasic photo you've got on your blog--who shot it?

  4. the photographer...

    ive get skillz!