Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Golden rules of writing

Khushwanth singh was the editor of 'The Illustrated weekly of India' for some 10 years or so and the magazine was quite popular during his tenure although its dead and buried now. When someone asked the reason for his success, he said that he followed a three pronged approach with his readers--- inform, amuse and provoke.

I think he follows the same principle with all his writings; any writer worth his salt would consciously or unconsciously follow the same rules. Inform-- Amuse-- and Provoke? Mmmm, quite interesting!


  1. yup ! interesting especially when it is happening with somebody else!!!!

  2. Ash,
    One who provokes others shouldn't mind if he's on the recieving end. If someone can't take a joke, he shouldn't make a joke either. Any person sensible enough to express his thoughts in writing and share it with others will know this. If he doesn't, he's not worthy of his pen( or keyboard )!