Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where minds meet and wisdom arises....

Why do we write stuff and care to publish it on our blogs? We may say it's an urge from within, to express, to create, but would we have done it if nobody cared to read? How long can anyone go on posting if nobody visited his blog and posted a comment or two? We want to share our ideas with others, let others know what we think about, and know what they think about our ideas. In short, we want to communicate, share and interact.

Many blogs close shop because of lack of attention. And many more (including mine) find fresh air and vigour through the attention, interest and interaction with fellow bloggers. I've posted and commented about things that would never have crossed my mind had it not been for the prodding and provoking of blog friends. It's a sad fact that many promising blogs die a premature death because of the lack of attention and warmth from others in the blogworld.

All these thoughts came to me during the course of interaction with a friend, who was referring to a new blog that was recently launched. When i visited, it turned out to be more than just a blog. The authors(presumably young and full of vigour) had compiled a small collection of articles on various subjects of current interest. All the articles were informative, unbiased, thought provoking, and more than anything, highly readable. What was really exciting was that this blog was also a platform for others to pen down their thoughts, form articles and publish. The driving force behind this endeavour is to promote and nurture new writing by talented people who haven't yet been introduced to the readers. All of us definetly had an itch to see our ideas being read and discussed by others, in seeing our name in 'print', in being refered to as 'writers'. Maybe the itch has been relieved a bit through the blog phenomenon. This blog can be a step further for anyone remotely interested in calling oneself a writer, or anyone born with atleast an ounce of the writing muscle.

This is the place. If you visit it and find it interesting, please leave a few words of encouragement and warmth. More than anything, do write a line or two about it in your posts and provide links. All growth happens only through nurture and care--and it's definetly exciting to become a part of the growth of an interesting phenomenon. Let this site grow and flourish. It's still young and new--but like anything young, it has a kind of freshness and enthusiasm that's infectious. Let's hope to find good stuff here, and if possible, let us contribute to its richness. Let us read good stuff, create great stuff and share it with everyone across and beyond the blogworld.


  1. Hello:)
    Thanks for your kind words on your other post:), but I just wanted to mention here that when I started blogging, I didn't know anything about blogs, it was told to me to do, for my journaling, so I did it!:) and I loved writing my thoughts. Now for people reading my blogs, that was a plessent surprise:) I never knew how much it ment to me to read someone elses opinion on my thoughts, and I love others opinions! I just express, and then sometimes I realize, "Hey, I need to watch how I blog things, because I know someone could be reading" so I appologise a lot:) Take care, and have a Happy New Year! Elisa:)

  2. Hey there :). Thanks buddy. I owe you one, big time :). You are the first person who has linked to blogchaat!

  3. Hey there, thats an awesome thought!So true I guess we all need some endorsement of some sort.

  4. You know Ive been thinking about this.You and Ash were the first ones to visit my blog as well.Is that what you do??Encourage novices..thats sweet..thanks!

  5. Elisa,
    Blogging definetly helps journaling; it's another way of scribbling down your thoughts in a personal journal--but here, you share your journal with the whole world. So it's kinda private as well as public. I kept a journal for nearly 3 years before losing it. I may or may not lose what i write here, but i definetly share it with at least one more person, so in a way it's never lost.

    Witnwisdumb....blogchaat is a great idea. I hope it takes off and flourishes. Good luck!

    Edu....everyone of us is a novice and we need each others' encouragement. I do visit other blogs regularly but leave comments only if the stuff is worthy, not just to encourage. Your writing is interesting, so is your perspective.

  6. Wishing you a very happy, prosperous, productive fun filled year ahead.Cheers

  7. I agree. Well said. We who blog do have the urge to write—no matter what the source of that urge is—and to publish—with the hope that someone will care enough to read our word. Without feedback from our readers, it is as if we are throwing our expressions into the wind. And so I, for one, leave comments for exceptional authors like you to at least let you know that I have been here—and that I appreciate your words.

  8. wish u a very happy new year!

  9. Happy new year!!!!



  10. edu, af, jen.....
    I wish you immense happiness, success, love and fulfillment in this new year. Have a great time and share your joy with everyone in the blogworld. was a surprise to see you here. Your blog is fun and sometimes melancholic. I keep forwarding the jokes from your blog to my friends and we really enjoy and appreciate them. Hope you had a blast of a newyear party, and i wish you happiness in this and all the forthcoming years.

  11. hey vishwa ..........

    wishing u, archana and all at home
    health wealth and happiness this year and all the years to come

  12. Thanks so much ash...wish you the same too. Take care