Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Living aimlessly

I do this most of the time but at some moments, something jerks me back into reality, making me ponder over life and the direction it's moving in. Maybe it happens to others also, but the number of people who are really focussed in life, who know where exactly they're going and what they're doing, and who have a kind of control over their life--- this number must be a humble figure. Otherwise we'd be living in a better world.

I stepped into spirituality and began meditating nearly 6 years ago. Today if i ask myself where exactly i am, the answer is almost non-existent. I don't know where i am! It doesn't mean that i've not moved an inch, or that i've slipped down. But if i had a goal, and had really applied myself into working towards it i'd have reached heights in the spiritual world. The progress i've made is really pathetic if i take into account all the opportunities that've been provided to me. Everytime i sit before my master, this awareness of aimlessness pricks me, but once i return to my daily life, it's the same old story.

Such aimlessness is also evident in other areas of my life like writing, my profession and self-improvement. A friend touched upon this point when he said " This life has a strange grip on us; it keeps us involved in a kind of routine, most of it utterly useless as far as our progress is concerned." I think we ourselves contribute to this grip by surrendering to it, by enjoying our comfort zones, by not thinking much about the direction we want to move in, and by losing ourselves in the everyday 'easyness'. And after a decade or so, if we stop somewhere and do a bit of soul-searching, we'll be in for a shock. True, we'd have progressed, built homes, married, raised children, switched jobs, earned 5 figure incomes, travelled abroad, etc.... but what was the potential that went unused? What was the huge amount of energy that remained locked within all along? How much more were we capable of doing but never gave a thought to it? And one day, we just end this life, leaving behind an ordinary life that could've been something special, something extraordinary. Muhammed ali summed it up aptly when he said,"If at 60, you're doing the same thing you did when you were 30, you've wasted 30 years of your life."

Whenever i've done something as a part of a goal instead of doing just like that, i've observed that the work gets done faster, with lesser effort, and gives great satisfaction in the end. It also reveals other shades, brings more benefits that were not thought of in the beginning. Having goals in life is one of the most important attributes I need to cultivate, at least in this new year. I need to sit down and do a complete overhaul of all the areas of my life. I should find out where i stand in each field, where i need to go, what's the road that takes me there, and what i need to do in order to reach there. I need to bid auideu to aimlessness.

I wish everyone a very happy new year. Let everyone find the source of great strength and wisdom that's hidden within. Let everyone resolve to attain their true potential and take great strides in their individual fields. Let their be more light and love everywhere. Let us all enter this new year with a resolve to start our journey towards our own greatness.


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  2. oh chez u beat me to the first place .........

    i second it Vishwa .....goals make things easier, faster and better well down ...increases our societal spirit too if in a group.

    But i beleive in this equation
    "half of us and half of Him".....makes a proper combo ....

    and if our mind is good we will always do good as according to Father Chez....our actions will venture around God.....

    we just need to have a will, and a mind to do what we want to .....just ask for it and He will give it to u........for
    "if u believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer"


  3. And i'm the third one...
    Ash...who's this 'He'? Is it Father Chez?
    Chez...thanks for the wishes. Wish you the same. Thanks for the unsolicited advice as well. I'll make an effort to follow it.

  4. Yeah I'm the forth and 4 is my lucky number:) I've said that sometimes it feel like I make to steps forward, and one step back, and it takes me a while to accomplish my goals, but I always try:) Enjoy 2006! Take care, Elisa:)

  5. It seems sometimes as if we are on a path with no map. We complain to our Masters that it's hard, and we seem to be getting knowhere (ooh interesting mistyping!) and all we get is a knowing smile!

    Its like a piece of weaving, you can only look back to see the pattern.

    So, no looking back or foward, live in the present, mindfully.

    Love and Light to you Vishwa

  6. sorry for the unsolicited advice :( I never intended it to be.


  7. Elisa...goodluck to you in your goals. Happy 2006

    Val.... i try to live in the present, but lose awareness of it, like most others. Difficult to be always in the present, but worth doing. Thanks for the wishes. Wish you the same.

    Chez, chez, chez....you've made me a villian, now. Your 'Fatherly' advice is always welcome, i was only having some fun over it. Please don't mind. No need to apologize, i was just pulling your legs. Take care and good luck.

  8. As Ursula K. LeGuin wrote: "The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next."

  9. Nick...uhh you're dead right, but we're humans, afterall. We'd like to know where we're going and what's going to happen next. To surrender to that intolerable uncertainty and live completely in the now, telling the future to go to hell...it's still a far away state--atleast to me.