Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An awesome blog...

I came across his blog in my early blogging days ( 5 months back ). I was struck by the authenticity, wisdom, and immediateness of the posts this young man wrote day after day. I can say he's a scientist, philosopher, mystic and a poet--all rolled into one. What was even more intriguing was the utter disinterest he had in any comments or responses from others. The comment section was always empty, and once when i posted a comment, it got deleted the next day. He never answers any comments, but occassionally addresses the audience who might be reading his posts. And he has compiled an amazing set of interesting blogs in his link list. Every time i read his posts, i learn something significant in a simple, direct and immediate way.

I think every blogger needs to link to this guy and read his posts regularly, irrespective of his disdain for any comments. He's simply fantastic!


  1. went and liked the leaf between the posts .....the poem sounds good but i will have to make my brain work to understand the inner meaning .....
    sweet of u to share the url

    afternoon Vishwa...

  2. hahahaaa,
    You're too wicked ash. Try reading his other posts, they're not that difficult to understand.

  3. wicked ?!!!?!!! me ........:()

  4. i shall sure read that blog soon..!

  5. Glad you talked about this person.Its awe inspirinng to read some one else, who actually sets you thinking.Thanks!