Friday, December 16, 2005

Waiting for the sun....

It's winter. The chill isn't much here in bangalore as compared to some places in north india or elsewhere in the world( where people have died due to the cold waves and extreme temperatures), but still you feel like reaching out to a hot cup of coffee, some spicy chilly bondas from the roadside vendor, or a cosy blanket early in the morning. You feel itchy all over your body after the morning bath, before you can grab the bottle of cold cream. You envy the slum-dwellers who're happily hustled around a warm fire, smoking beedis, and roaring with laughter over some obsence joke while you shiver alone on your bike, speeding off to work on a cold morning. The sun goes home early, maybe to a waiting wife, some soaps on tv and hot jilebis while you slog over some damn code in your air cooled cubicle.

You don't just feel bad, afterall. On a sunday morning, when you step out of your house at dawn and take a walk to the nearby park through the mist, you feel a strange comfort. The chilly air soothes you. The mist is very familiar, here now and gone in a few moments when the sun comes up. You feel one with nature. You feel you belong to this atmosphere. Nothing matters-- your job, your people, your dreams, your failures, your stupidity....No! You belong here.

Winter embraces you with warmth like no other season.


  1. I've had enough of this weather. I'm just waiting for summer to arrive.

  2. Yup nothing like hot coffee and spicy hot food in winters!
    Winter is my favourite season too!!!

  3. Morning vishwa ........
    yup it is winter and the time to late lazy mornings and cosy blankets and whenone feels like hugging the other for that little warmth.......

    read this post ....from shikha

  4. cant agree more !

    A hot cup of coffee makes wonders on these cold mornings!

  5. Hey vishwa,.......
    check out chez's blog previous and the present post okai .....
    i guess time for our fun kurukshtra again ........

    lord save his comment box

  6. Lol..bangalore weather is so unpredictable...tho I'm getting used to this 'mist' and cold mornings....tho I miss pleasant 'normal predictable weather!!' *frown*

  7. I love the winters too, but I haven't come across any one make it sound so beautiful before.Cheers!

  8. Chez,
    What will you do when summer comes? Wait for the rains! And during rains? Wait for them to go away! We all wish we were elsewhere, but i guess one should start enjoying and appreciating life as it is, wherever we are.
    I'm trying this.

    Af...Chilly bondas and hot tea go very well together in winter. But the best situation is to huddle around a fire with friends or dear ones and shiver together.

    Ash....Shika's post is beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    I suspect, chez writes such things just to get us comment and quarrel with him. He might be enjoying the fun as we try to counterattack his views. I seriously doubt if he's so intolerant of others' beliefs.
    Anyhow, not in a mood to quarrel with him. Will attack the fella if i feel itchy on Monday morning.

    Bhanu...a hot cup of coffee on a winter morning and also a whole day to laze. This is my definition of heaven.

    Ego... don't frown, just enjoy bangalore's weather. Predictable is damn boring for me.
    Thanks for tagging me. Will write a post on it a bit late, next week.

    Edu...thanks. Hope your confusion with your name is over. Cheers to winter.

  9. Charming post . Sun goes early, maybe to a waiting wife is the hilarious one :) :D :D

    1. It brought back memories of something beautiful, lovely post.
      In srinagar, when we too don't see the Sun for months, we too wait desperately for sun and we just want sun to warm us up.