Thursday, March 01, 2007

This moment

Days of clarity are here. Somehow things are falling into place. I seem to understand myself better than before. It doesn't imply a dramatic makeover-- the old mistakes continue, but now I recognise them almost immediately. As my mind drifts during work, I become aware that I've lost focus. When I'm angry at someone over a trivial matter, something inside pricks and I'm back to observing the inner drama.

Courage comes from Love, says Dave pollard in this post. One of the best articles I've read recently. And a plethora of inspirational stuff here.

A month without Archana and Tejas. I miss the growing months of my kid. She tells me over the phone about his antics, how he splutters saliva, how he stares at her as she speaks to me, how he babbles continuosly for hours, how he becomes sullen and quiet after being ignored for an hour and she has to cajole him.....
I wish I were there, near him....


  1. I know and understand. Thoughtful writing... Thanks for this.


  2. Hey there, how are you? Thanks for the visit.

  3. Hi vishwa,

    I've been better... going through some aftershocks right now in my friendship circle. I'm okay... just letting the pieces fall where they may. Also, I'm enjoying life in the moment. Experiencing both sides of the coin, if you will. :)

    I do enjoy reading in your blog. Very reflective writing.

    Thanks for having the link up to my blog. I have changed the name and URL of my blog recently. Another turn on the pathway.


  4. Anna.... Read your post. Must be a pretty painful experience. It's nice to see the way you've reconciled to the outcome. I wish for that serenity and acceptance in myself.
    I've updated your url in my blogroll. Yeah, I enjoy your lucid writing and deep insights and regularly read your posts even if I rarely leave comments :-)

  5. Thank you, vishwa.

    Basically, I've been seeing this rapid manifestation of: Where your thoughts go, energy follows.

    So I'm watching it and I'm not holding onto grudges and directing my thoughts/energy that way. I release the best I can even if it takes me doing it 100 times. This is for my peace of mind and to enjoy life as it comes. Oh my, I just rambled on here. lol