Monday, March 12, 2007

A Personal Note

'What will happen to me?'

'Nothing', says Ravishankar.' Until now you are verticle. One day, you'll become horizontal under the ground. That's what will happen to you. Think beyond yourself'.

Then a line from Spiderman--'There are things here that are bigger than you and me.............'

And one of our directors is leaving the company. The CEO says, 'The show will go on, whatever happens, whoever leaves.....'

Inspite of the heaviness within, inspite of the vaccum, amidst the grief, I'll say this:

The show is bigger than you or me. We are tiny droplets in this ocean.

This slap will be remembered for long.


  1. The quote by Ravishankar reminded me of what some shamans and Castaneda had spoken... that death is an advisor. Meaning, if one takes death as an advisor, you will end up thinking beyond yourself because one day, one will get that tap on the shoulder.

    We are tiny droplets in this ocean but we are the ocean... and in that, we remember and discover our greatness.

    vishwa, your post does strike a personal and somewhat somber cord... As an old saying goes, when one window closes, another opens.

    I wish you well and as you had stated to me on one of my posts, I will say back to you:

    "I sincerly wish you all happiness and positivity. 2007 will be a great year for everyone--I honestly feel."



  2. Anna...thanks.
    2007 is an year of positivity---it's also an year which's ripping us off our negativities. And it's painful because we're so much stuck with our short-comings.

    'Evolve or Perish' should be the tag-line for this year :-)

  3. I'll say... You have it right on the target and as a tag-line for 2007, indeed. 'Evolve or Perish'


  4. Yes, Vishwa, the show is bigger than any of us. I have to remind myself of that each day in order to maintain some sense of sanity.