Thursday, March 01, 2007

An eventful day

A gut-wrenching scene from the movie 'Syriana', where CIA Agent George clooney is captured and tortured. His nails are pulled off one by one, with a cutting plyer. Just imagining the pain would make my hairs stand on end, would make me shudder. Well, I get to experience the pain first hand.

Early morning, while parking my bike, the side-stand hits my toe and pulls out the entire nail. Ahh, delicious pain! Luckily, much of the nail comes out and the doctor has to do a few incisions to remove the remaining part. I think I'll remember this for quite some time.

Late evening. There's a call from a traffic cop. A year and a half ago, when Mouli passed away, three of us had signed in as witnesses during his postmortem. Now the case has come for a hearing and we have to depose before the court.

I've never been to a court and all the judicial proceedures and drama that I'm familiar with is only through the movies. This one will be interesting.

And just before the cop called up, I was reflecting and recollecting the events on that particular day. I was remembering all of us waiting outside the mortuary, and how a few of us signed in the papers... Maybe it's a coincidence or maybe my psychic capabilities are getting activated(?????)

Then I get to watch two fantastic movies-- 'The Deep end of the ocean' and 'Just like heaven'. The Deep end... I can relate to it very well.......!

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  1. Ouch! That sounded very painful. I hope your toe heals well. And best wishes for the next step of your spiritual journey. Sometimes we can see that we have passed a milestone, and sometimes they are invisible.