Monday, February 26, 2007

A small step backwards...

I've returned to my days of Solitude. Archana is away with the kid, staying with her parents in Jammu for 2-3 months. My room, which was neat and dustfree is back to the endearing old days of untidyness.

I find this disorder a bit stimulating--something I can't explain or understand properly. Order and tidyness outside creates a similar feeling within, but a bit of external chaos is required for me to feel vibrant.

Too much of order suffocates. Peculiar!


  1. Hmm I need everything to be neat.Otherwise I am just unable to perform.Handicap..:(

  2. Whoa!!
    Superspeedy response. Thanks!

    Came to your new place via nick's page. It's amazing how vibrant a blog can be on Wordpress, something that's a handicap on blogger. Have heard a lot about various options and customizations available on wordpress. Thinking of shifting.

    Enjoyed your post --'Apologies' though am too lazy to comment.


  3. Hey there! A post after a long time :)

    If you like Blogger's ease of use and very friendly-feel, I suggest you do NOT shift to Wordpress, which severely restricts users in how much they can customize their blog.

    There's really a LOT that can be done on blogger, to make it virtually as good as WordPress, and in some ways even better. Maybe you'd find this post of mine on the same subject, of some use.

  4. PS: Thank you for the wishes. :)

  5. Wit, thanks for the suggestions.

    The irritating thing about the new version of blogger is the comments part. Maybe I need to delve deep and get familiar with all its features before deciding to try out wordpress.