Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Look within ....

'If you don't plant flowers in a garden, you'll allow weeds to grow. As a gardener, you cannot sit back and allow this destructive growth. You need to take action and remove those weeds. '

Words said in a different context but it applies to me as well.

Reading 'A New Earth' by Eckhart tolle, makes me ponder over these words and the situations in a deeper context. Tolle says, 'The root of all evil on this earth is Human unconsciousness........... .....And that unconsciousness is within you as well as in others...........
.... The first thing you can do is to become aware, bring the light of consciousness within yourself. Recognise the unconsciousness within and become conscious......
...... That's the first step towards a new dawn--which is infinetly more practical and powerful than blaming an imperfect world.'

Mmmm! I see the dance of Ego in others. There's a vain struggle for prominence, an aggressive bullying attitude, a kind of 'We Vs Them' mentality....and these things are equally raging within me. I recognise a friend who's slowly going astray and shockingly, I find out that I'm no better. The ego that's pulling him down is pulling me too, maybe at a different pace. I recognise it... he's yet to!

I and he are one. His unconsciousness is mine. My awakening is his too.


  1. HELLO! This is my ego speaking here!:-p

    But in the same vein, I think I understand what you mean by human unconsciousness.....I feel like I have been in that state of mind, stagnant, and not as productive as I would like to be....but still going through the motions.

    It's as though the lights in my proverbial head(and kinda visual as well)have been put on dim and I don't feel the energy, the source that I know is me....as though I have disconnected somehow from the world and things around me.

    But the strange thing is that I am, throughout this, still somewhat conscious to the actions(or rather lack of) going on in my head....more of a spectator in the audience.

    I know that is probably enough to get the spark blazing into a fire reaching sky high into the heavens, yet the motivation is lacking...maybe I am just craving spring.


  2. Jen...It's my ego that wrote this post, and once written, it's my ego that waited for comments(good ones, mostly). And now, it's my ego that's replying, all along wondering whether this reply will succeed in 'impressing' you and anyone else who reads this.

    But how wonderful it would be if I could write a post, not from the surfacial ego but from somewhere deep within? How would those words appear? What depth could they contain?(again, it's my ego that's wondering)