Thursday, January 26, 2006

A tag and some random notes.

What eight qualities do i look for in a perfect lover? This is the tag i've to answer to and it's good archana doesn't read my blog, though she wouldn't have minded this post. I think perfection is best left for God, we can only aim for excellence( Whose quote is this?) so i'll tell what eight qualities make an excellent lover for me.

* She should be a genuine person--unpretentious, honest and carefree.
* Someone who allows space for the other person--i.e. me--to be myself--not the tell-me-everything-about-you type.
* Great sense of humour. Who'd want be around anyone who's too serious and glum?
* Active and jovial. Laziness ain't tolerable even if she's an aishwarya rai.
* Aware about the everyday life, the world we live in---not cocooned in some bollywood style fairyland. Practical with great common sense!!
* This should go first---full of love and affection--towards life, towards everything worth loving.
* A good listener with the ability to empathise with others and share their joys and sorrows.
* Someone who's not stuck in life--modern, yet appreciative of one' s roots.
If my girl reads this she'll exclaim," Why, i never knew that you understood me so well. You've written about me!"

Now i'll invite elisa, jen and nick to come up with their lists.(Eight friends!--nope. Ash...You've already answered this tag and also tagged some other friends, so excuse me on this )
The rules of answering this tag are:
1) List down eight qualities you'd love in your perfect lover.
2) Tag eight other bloggers and inform them about this on their blog.
3)This is my addition---Modify this tag in a simple way before passing on to others. e.g.: add a rule, delete another rule--in short, make it richer so that if you happen to get it again, you should be able to reply without being repetitive. Put on your creative hats!
4) The last rule which i've added is this--- List out eight qualities your perfect lover would want to see in you.(Qualities which you may have or are yet to develop)

Nowadays i'm stumbling my way through some good blogs. This article sums up the spirit of blogging in a simple, direct way. Another interesting place is here if you've a leisurely afternoon and are searching for a plethora of great articles, film and book reviews, poetry and regular columns. This is the weblog of a writer and quite an inspiration for all would be writers(in the real sense)

Tomorrow is republic day, the meaning of which most of us aren't concerned with. We get a holiday to stay home or go out for a movie while the real workoholics slug it out in their cabins. Those with a patriotic fervour wear tricolour badges, dress up in white kurta-pyjamas or sit in front of the tv watching the republic parade in Newdelhi. Patriotism is fashionable for most of us, remembered and lived in flashes and conveniently forgotten most of the time as we go through our daily chores. This brings into memory a superb play in kannada by one of our finest writers, P.lankesh---the title can be roughly translated as,'Memoirs of a patriotic bastard'.

Patriotism could also mean a love for one's people, one's culture and tradition without getting blinded by the mistakes and shortcomings of the past or the present. It could mean a simple affection for another person who shares the same land, speaks the same language and follows the same customs as you do---an affection that can be spread to anyone who's different from you in all these respects. For me, it's another form of love and an inspiration to celebrate oneness with 100 crore people.

Maybe in the future we celebrate this oneness and love with everyone and everything on this planet. No countries, no boundaries and no Mullas, Modis, Bushes, RSS Chiefs and other 'patriotic bastards' to remind us who we are and prod us into a mad frenzy. Until then, here's wishing you all--Indians and non-indians alike-- a happy republic day!


  1. Hey Vishwa..that is one of the most realistics lists I have seen doing the rounds.Its awesome to see so many people who have found their significant other with whom they are so comfortable.

    As for Republic Day.I am glad you brought it out.Few years ago I had asked a friend if he knew why we celebrated the day and no he did not know.It saddens me some times that in the rut of moving with the times..we don't appreciate what have formed our roots in the first place.

  2. Hello Vishwa:) Now I understand the rules of tagging and I'll answer the questions, but I have one problem, and that's I'm a computer dummie:) I don't know how to cut and paste and send messages to one blog to another and so one, so I don't think I can pass on this tag to someone else, unless I get a free class on it:) So I'll answer my statement on what 8 qualities I think is a perfect lover on my blog, and that will be the end I think? Your last statement on this post"Maybe in the future we will celebrate this oneness and love with everybody and everything on this planet." I wish this could be true, but I think this is only in Heaven it will happen:) Happy Republic Day:) Take care, Elisa:)

  3. Well, I did it—and it wasn’t easy! Thank you for tagging me; I don’t believe I would have performed this exercise had you not challenged me to do so.

  4. deeply appreciate your sentiments in the last paragraph of your post. I'm one with you on those ideals of yours.
    I had a wonderful republic day, I'm sure you did too.

  5. vishwa ....

    If my girl reads this she'll exclaim," Why, i never knew that you understood me so well. You've written about me!"
    hey that is so cool!!lucky man u are!!! happy for u, vishwa

    one thing i have noticed in blog world is non of our better halfs dont blog ....

    Maybe in the future we celebrate this oneness and love with everyone and everything on this planet. No countries, no boundaries and no Mullas, Modis, Bushes, RSS Chiefs and other 'patriotic bastards' to remind us who we are and prod us into a mad frenzy.
    well, that will be a perfect world them ...lets as u said earlier in the tag, aim for that kind of excellence ...

    have a wonderful time with ur girl

  6. Edu...there's something good about these tags. So many people focussing their thoughts on the same subject and bringing out something significant about themselves....i think that's what makes them popular.
    We need to be aware of our roots and also spread out our wings(heard this in a movie), and it's sickening to see some youngsters taking pride in their wings and some elders clinging to the roots. Neither should be a priority over the other---we need both, i feel.

    Elisa....we all have the power to create heaven on this earth. If we don't, we have no business complaining about life. Let's create a small heaven in and around our individual lives and then think further.

    Nick... i enjoyed reading your response to this tag and unlike mine, it was a well thought response. Take care.

    Chez...i'm happy that we all(youngsters) think about positive ideals inspite of our different interests and orientations. Maybe these positive ideals unites us beyond religion, creed and nationality.

    Ash...maybe our better halves blog too and nobody knows. Most of the bloggers are anonymous, isn't it?
    Have a good day. And take care.

  7. no wonder there is no movement here i was wondering where u had vanished!!!!

  8. Ash....still in good ol' bangalore but too cramped up and tired and drowsy to post or even think about blogging. Leaving in two days and returning next week. Will try to post today.
    Songs of 'Rang de' are awesome. Am listening as i type this.