Wednesday, February 01, 2006

See you on the other side.....

It' s almost midnight as i write this, trying to keep myself awake and gather my thoughts. This place is warm although the air outside is capable of freezing you up to your bones. A friend walks up to my seat and gazes at the screen--he's just passed his exams and is on cloud nine. The sounds of the city reach you faintly but the silence and serenity of this place is overpowering. In this atmosphere, your mind stops chattering and goes to sleep but you are awake, anticipating a new dawn. Life, after a difficulty and triumph, is always exhilarating.

The next few days will be a kind of sweet exhaustion for all of us as we travel quite a lot, visit a lot of places soaking up the dust and chill of the road. The vagabond in me is up and awake after years of deep sleep. Travel awakens the creative pulse within, the adventurous spirit hidden inside us and makes us more alive and jovial. After living sedentarily for years, i can say this with more authority than anyone, i feel.

Until i return, a 'Sayonara' to blogging--albeit, temporarily.


  1. Have fun....and soak up the experience!


  2. I'll have you in my prayers, and enjoy! Take care, Elisa:)

  3. Amazing thought flow.And so true.Safe and sound trip.Enjoy,cheers!

  4. Thanks everyone. Love ya all!!!