Saturday, September 24, 2005

Two perspectives....

Read an article about gigolos. It turns out that they are different from their female counterparts. They quite enjoy it, it seems,and they do it for fun and fast money. Difficult to stand in their shoes and think how it is like.

A couple attend our meditation classes. The husband walks on artificial legs and we never asked them about this. Last tuesday they spoke about the accident 7 years back that left him crippled. His eyes were a bit moist, so were hers but what amazed me was this.'It could've been worse' she said,' the bus ran over his legs and not on his body. I'm thankful that he's still alive.' He too joked about his disability and said " Now that incident has become a landmark for us. If we remember some other incident we refer to it as, before the accident or after the accident, like B.C and A.D"

Their strength and resilence are inspirational.


  1. Hey there. I know one such inspirational person quite well... he's been ill with a painful ailment called spondilitis for over twenty years now. Yet, he is always positive, and never prone to emotional outbursts or irrational anger as most of us are.

  2. ppl have their own way of getting over bad occurences.....that doesn't mean they have come over their past completley,...i guess a bit like those extroverts and the middleverts and the introverts...u have heard the funda about them haven;t u vishwa ...cya ,.......

  3. Witnwisdumb,
    Maybe the tough situations bring out the best in otherwise normal people. And also sometimes they break one's spirits. One can learn from both.

    Your blog is quite interesting. Enjoyed it.

  4. i like that,,,middleverts...

    im that!!!