Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finding a root

Yesterday morning i got the confirmation for my job in this company. After 6 months of internship, finally i am a regular employee. There was some speculation that i should start looking for a job elsewhere, but that trouble is saved now.
I had a romantic idea of my working life. It was something like sitting at my balcony and spinning off short stories while simultaneosly working on a future bestseller novel. In between, i'd take short breaks and lose myself in the hillstations of himalayas or the beaches of kerala, find my muse and come back to my desk with renewed vigour and fresh ideas. Meanwhile my stories would get published in important magazines across the world and the cheques would arrive by post No stress, no uncertainty, no major pains.
This idea hasn't died yet, it's in coma. I'm sure it'll spring back to life some day but until then, software testing will pay my bills.


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  2. hi. remember me? guess not. anyways, i was one of the first visitors to your blog in its early days. it's a come a ways since then :). really wonderful dreams you've got; hope you'll someday realise them (they're awfully similar to mine, though). all for now then. ciao!

    PS: i notice your blog has already attracted spam comments. better turn on word verification.

  3. bookworm,
    Friends can never disappear from memory. Thanks for revisiting and also for your valuable suggestions.
    I was busy and couldn't blog frequently or read others' blogs of late. Now i think i'm a bit free. I visited your blog quite often though i never left any comments.
    Take care. Have a blast at your retreat.