Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Life beautiful

I'm starting a new life altogether. This wasn't expected until now but that's the way life is----it's what happens to you when you're busy with other plans.

In another 2 months--november 28th to be precise, i'll be getting married. Two years back i never had an inkling that i'd be stepping in as a householder. My mentality then never permitted me to think in these terms. I wanted to be a hippie--if not literally, at least metaphorically. No responsibilities, not being answerable to anyone, just free like a bird.

I think this is more of an attitude than a reality. Freedom! You can be in bondage yet be free--Aung san su ki of burma comes to mind. Or Nelson mandela. Or you can be out there roaming the world without a care, yet be a slave to a thousand odd things.

Archana and i met five years ago when i began to explore the spiritual world under the guidance of a great master. We came closer two years ago when i took up some work in my master's organisation. And now we've decided to run the race together.

She's more cool, confident, mature, wise and humble than i am. She's life bound. And she loves me.

Life indeed looks beautiful now.


  1. Aww....congrats!

    Today, Jassen and I have been going together/dating for 1 year and 3 months! Time does surely fly!

    im kinda in a bind at the moment, where i feel like i cant protect myself from the negativity around me, which affects my mood and everything else.

    Plus the fact that in a little over a month, i have to go back to the states to make some money and get a job first in order to do that.

    i dont like the idea of being separated from my baby like that, since we have been in each others company for over 9 months, no breaks.


    i need some guidance.

  2. Jen,
    Thanks for your heartfelt wishes.

    I'm a terrible believer in this idea--'this too shall pass'. This is applicable for all the good and not so good things in life. And
    in my experience, it's awfully true! If you contemplate a bit on the past events of your life --good and bad--you'll see it for yourself.

    Believe me, a little bit of separation strengthens the bond between individuals.

    Why not find a job in london? Or if possible, why can't jassen migrate to the states? If both of you have made a decision for the future, i think you can work out the best plan.

    Good luck to you. My master says-- "what we throw out comes back to us in multiples." So being positive and cheerful adds to the good things in our life. The converse is also true.

    Say my hi to salt and pepper!

  3. xezdczbb
    It was funny.

    As soon as i read the last line, salt started talking to me, "meeeeeooow!"so he must have heard me read it in my head. The kits say hi back!:-p

    Thanks for all of your words of wisdom. It's always a nice reminder. I think when one spends a lot of time in negativity, there is a feeling to give up the fight of the good side and just give in. But then it just takes one word or a few words to make you realize that you are stronger than that.

    Ive worked in london before, but i dont have the visa for it anylonger. And Jassen is trying to jobs in the states as we speak, its difficult, but hopefully something will come up when it does. Im just not one to get married just in order for us to be in each others continents a while longer. Im not ready for marriage and nor is he, but we know that time will present itself when it does. Just want things for all the right reasons and when its geniunely felt and knowing the time to be right.

    Anywho, i shall meditate on being more positive and get my head unstuck out of my butt, cuz like everything..life is also passing with time.:-)

  4. Hey! Congratulations, buddy. You're now going over to 'the other side' :P. Here's wishing you all the very best with your new life. Thank you for the leaving the comment on my blog, and thanks even more for linking to it! According to technorati, you are the first person to have linked to my blog! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I'll take up your suggestions soon. Bye, n congratulations again ;).

  5. congrats .......
    i never believed in love marriages or love for that matter two year ago and now i am with somebody i can't live without and have to spend my life with him...the aquarian in me has found the one time true libran love.
    it's cool na this cupid fellow!

  6. Mmmm.... ash!

    Agreed! And here's wishing you happiness as well

  7. I forgot where i read it...maybe here, maybe there...

    but its not a matter of putting up living with someone...but realizing that you cant live without..

  8. Yes, i loved and always would love you.
    Today, i did't find any other gift for myself. Thank you for everything.
    I got my email id too late.

  9. Heart felt post!! brought me lovely memories!!...
    Thank for this post !!!