Thursday, July 22, 2010

Only rants for now...

I have issues with people who say, 'don't go by surface appearances, look deeper'. And it gets all the more troublesome when these dual personalities--something on the surface but something else deep within--are those who're close to you. Or who were close but not anymore but still pretending to be(more layers of duality here!). What's deep within is what reflects on the surface. If you're evil, it's there for all to see. If you're good and decent, be good and decent everywhere--in your behaviour, speech and in your deepest thoughts and emotions. Simple sa funda!

If you can't recognise these double-standards, then

a) the trickster is a real smart-ass in concealing his true colours
b) he's plain lucky because you're dumb
c) you know what is what, but are scared to admit--to others, to yourself-- so you pretend.

Choose your pick. Don't wax philosophy.

* * *

Desipundit has died. Not that I was a big fan. I visited it only sporadically and got a few good posts to read. Then it was there, just another blog-aggregator. Yet, I'm saddened that it's gone.

Barry is no more. I'd read just a few of his posts, that too at the threshold point when he blogged about his cancer. His blog too was there, one among the millions in the vast landscape of the blogworld.

I don't consider myself too sentimental. But when something ends, when some relation snaps, when you don't see someone anymore, I can't take it as if nothing has happened at all. Maybe it's a bloody cliche but something in me goes for a toss when I realise that someone I know is no more. Or that I'll not be able to see or meet that person now onwards. Doesn't matter if that person is very close or just a faint acquaintance.

It doesn't apply only for those who die. Even when the dude who's sitting next to my seat for the past 3 years submits his resignation, I feel a lump in my throat. Maybe I shouldn't feel but it's there.

Or when someone who's been a friend for a decade leaves, it's kinda difficult to move around as if he didn't exist at all.

Wish I were more hardened and detached like many others.


  1. Vishwa, it is not that they are hardened or detached. Probably they have learned to hide it better. It is perfectly normal to feel the sense of loss, so don't berate yourself...feel it. It is a part of life, saying goodbye, I mean.

  2. :-) Yes, they've learned to hide it better. We all are good actors at hiding things. Maybe it's a survival mechanism.

  3. hehehe, and the irony is that you're ranting against pretentions, but still pretending to be someone anonymous, while I can smell out who you are. Your style gives you away, traveller! Why hide? Why not muster the guts to post in your name, buddy? ;-)

    Anyways, thanks for the comment. You're sooo friggin' right! :-D