Friday, August 06, 2010

Eat your poison...Swallow your darkness


  1. that's the way life is....we need to develop the strength to digest and grow...its difficult initially but it helps..

  2. karan,

    you miss the point of this post. The darkness isn't outside against which you rebel or reject(and feel exalted and important all the while). It's the inner darkness, which you need to transmute and that's what this photo implies for me. Remove the darkglasses of rebelhood and things might get clear.

    And yeah, pl restrict your comments to the content, not to the commentors. Whether mahadev needs a cleanup or vishwa need to be saved from sheephood is debatable, but none of your concern, I guess. Patronizing could be self-assuring for some but basically it reveals severe self-doubts and inferiority, not to mention ignorance and lack of civility. If you're suffering from this disease, try to get well, find someplace to vomit---but not on my blog ;-)