Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Vision statement

I remembered this morning the reason why this blog began, one rainy afternoon long back. It was to record the events which I felt were important enough to be recorded, so that I would have a backup for my memory. And also share them with others, the way others shared their life online(with the distant hope that these writings would also bring to others similar joy and inspiration I found in other blogs ;-) ). A bit of feedback and conversation through the comments. But most important of all, a continuous exercise to my writing muscle, which had become slack after I dumped my writerly ambitions and started testing software code in order to pay the bills.

Which means that I can be messy, disorganized and experimental here, simply because this is a testing ground. 'Reckless', as someone said once.

That's the vision. It had got clouded off late. Not anymore.

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