Saturday, February 20, 2010


Watched Stalker after downloading it eons ago. You need a different mindset to enjoy this kinda movie, where a single shot spans more than 5 minutes, and the movie's choc-a-bloc with such long shots. You're expecting something to happen but the tension seems to build and build with no resolution in sight and suddenly it dawns...the problem's not with the movie but with your urgency to get to the end, as soon as possible. Then you slow down and try to enjoy the process, unmindful of where it'll all lead to, whether there's really a destination to be reached or not.

Tonight, I'm reminded of the opening lines of a novel....'It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.....' Yes it is, for me. So many things are happening, some good, some not so, and many bewildering. Until yesterday, I was thinking that my muse was dead, that I'd not be able to write anything, ever. One moment, I'm pondering the deadness of my workday life and within no time, I discover an interesting scenario to execute and soon I'm immersed in fashioning similar equations. There are blocks everywhere I look. I blink and the river starts flowing through the cracks and crevices, finding new routes and destinations. Tiredness evaporates. Hope arrives. As complacency sets in, I realize that there are things to be done, tasks to be executed. The journey has hardly begun. I'm toddling.

Yes, I'm a thief, a pirate in the virtual world. I've stolen(downloaded) movies, music and books instead of making an honest payment. Chriss guillebeau says 'Stealing is bad karma, don't steal,' but I say, 'F*** off', as I download movies after movies, siphone off expensive books from torrents and listen to music without paying a dime. The 'Money economy' says 'Pay 1500 bucks for this book', but the 'gift economy' of the virtual world says, 'Dude, get this book at Gigapedia,' and I oblige. Got Keith johnstone's 'Impro for storytellers' but am struggling to find his earlier masterpiece. It's out there, somewhere in the vast landscapes of the cyberworld. Will get ya.

I'm building my own nest. Moving out of one tribe to another. Breaking hearts, also warming a few. I'll be cursed and also blessed. Irrespective of what anyone thinks of me, I'm finally figuring out what matters most, to me. And gathering the nerves to pursue them. Adulthood.


  1. congrats on your exploration, my good wishes always for you and your family.

  2. Lurking into Deep waters is amazing in itself-ADVENTUROUS, yet one needs to be CAREFUL...

    Everyone who dares to do something Risky will always feel Thrilled!!! But be aware of the Dangers that lurks around... Like Sharks that come & unknowingly attack... Should be on the LOOK OUT for things UNPREDICTABLE...

    Do not undermine things...
    ~~W.A.T.C.H -- O.U.T~~