Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stumbling through the drizzle....

A new day. Cloudy weather's back in our city. This has been a rather short summer.It's the twilight period between the fading summer and the approaching monsoons. The clouds are overcast and drizzle in the evenings---they open up once in a way.

Sometimes this weather can create a depressing mood in you but it can also inspire you if you are occupied with something creative and something that you've always wanted to do.

I was working late in my office one evening when 'Uncle' walked into my cubicle and greeted me. In the hierarchy of bosses above me, Uncle is close to the top. He's a young man--maybe nearing 40-- highly intelligent, articulate, efficient, aggressive....we call him uncle, mainly because he's bossy and partly because his hair has almost greyed.

I was rather surprised to see him speak affectionately that evening. He's known to be a upright, aloof, arrogant, business-minded person--a softer version of a bloodsucking landlord. Everyone under him have a faint fear and respect for him. And I was really taken aback when he spoke of his struggles and humble beginnings.....

The mystery cracks open a week later. The appraisals are announced and I'm not given a hike. The others who've got a raise have recieved a few pennies extra. This is the time when employee resentment is high and they start looking for greener pastures. Bosses soften up and cuddle their team-members, console and counsel them, crack a few bland jokes, smile a bit more---otherwise their higher ups will twist their ears if attritions increase.

India uncut gets me to this article which seems to strengthen my idea of bosses and their plight(?). As I read it, there's news that a colleague of mine has found a good job with a fat paycheck in another company in hyderabad. And 'Uncle' is on a one-one with my friend for the past two days. Funny thing is nothing, not even an assurance of increased pay, can persuade my friend from leaving the company.

My job, which I found dry and repetitive in the beginning is becoming more interesting nowadays. My only wish is that my inspiration and motivation to work doesn't arise out of a monetary greed but from the nature of the work and the work environment itself. I wish i find that inspiration here, in this company which has given me my first job.

As i think of 'Uncle', only one word comes to mind---Pathetic. God forbid, if I rise to his position, I pray I don't end up becoming pathetic like him.

You can't take over someone's pain, atleast at this level. We hear of mystics taking over others' karmas and sufferings upon themselves in order to provide relief to the concerned person. You wish you could do that but you can't. Perhaps you too want to become a mystic, atleast for this, if not for any other reason.


  1. It is really you in control on the decision of how you will be in certain positions, workwise.

    Of course, if you are manager material, there is a bit of babysitting that is required(since manager is closely synonymous with babysitter).

    Maybe in many ways, managers are suppose to be seen like greek gods...a certain fear that they need to cast over their peoples, just to have the control necessary for their line of work.

    Power goes to most peoples heads, thats just the politics of life, but in part, just see that "Uncle" is mostly just doing what his job demands of him, but maybe all it really comes down to is that he isnt much of a people person.:-S

  2. Jen...I've seen people who are in a position very much similar to Uncle, but who are entirely different. They don't instill a fear in sub-ordinates nor do they baby-sit after a bad appraisal. They instill a love in the job among others and inspire their subordinates to contribute their best to the organization. Such people are those we feel like looking up to, in any situation. People like Uncle are nothing but Pathetic.