Sunday, May 14, 2006

Did you see that.....

I'm on the net, when a friend calls up. 'Come out and look at the eastern sky,' he shouts. ' There's a flying object'.

The object is a faint ball of light that's moving very fast-- hovering around in circles, behind the clouds. We are naturally excited and fascinated. It can't be an aircraft or something man made. Nor could it have been a torch light focussed on the clouds at night. There must have been something that was moving at an extraordinary speed and agility. Because it was behind the clouds, it wasn't visible accurately.

We wait for the clouds to disapper so that we can have a clearer picture of this strange object. After a while the clouds clear up, but now the light isn't there. Meanwhile i call up friends and urge them to locate it in the sky. Some speculate that it could be a torch light, which could only be focussed on clouds and hence wasn't visible now. But i don't think so. Torchlights leave behind a trail from the ground upto the point where they are focussed, that too on an overcast night. There's no such trail here.

Ten minutes on, the sky is overcast again. The object has reappeared behind the veil of clouds.

Today's newspapers report that someone had focussed a powerful beam of searchlight into the clouds. Excellent! I'll drop dead the day our intelligent, rational media accepts something like this for what it is with an open mind and investigates further. Those guys have answers for every damn thing in the universe.

What actually came into picture behind the clouds last night remains a mystery. Like all other mysteries, maybe it's a challenge for our stunted minds to awaken and reach out towards them.


  1. Those “mystery” objects in the sky fascinate and disturb my friend, Clair. She saw two last January and had me searching the Internet for narrative reports of UFO sightings. I found several spanning the past six or so years that described in almost exact detail what Clair saw in January.

  2. Edu...yup, really. It was such fun and exciting--not the least dampened by the 'explanation' provided by the media.
    When even a small mystery unfolds before you, you wonder at the greater incomprehensible mysteries that are waiting for all of us. It may appear childish but i can say it was awe-inspiring.

    Nick...some of my friends are very enthusiastic about such things but i was a dud until now. We don't know whether it was a UFO but it couldn't have been anything manmade.

    I've read somewhere that the U.S Government has access to captured aliens and their spaceships. They say only a few people know about this---it's kind of hushed up. Any idea about this? Do write if you find some similar material.

  3. Sometimes I feel like we are in the matrix...:-p

    Maybe we are..anywho, yea...ive seen a few in my time..

    There was this one time, My mom and I were driving back home from either shopping or paying for bills...all of sudden we noticing something hovering in the sky in front of the definitely wasnt a plane or a weather balloon, it was too sporatic.

    It was there for a few mins and then just "disappeared"...:-S

  4. Vishwa, have you read about the supposed 1947 alien craft crash in the New Mexico desert near the town of Roswell? If not, here is a good staring point:

  5. Jen...Wow, that was a good experience. And yeah, maybe we all are in a matrix, who knows.

    Nick....thanks for the link. Will go through it.