Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yesterday she came to our house.

Now she's married, has a kid and has put on a slight bit of happy weight. Fifteen years ago she was a neighbour in my native village and i was reeling under a terrible crush on her. Probably she was the most beautiful girl i'd set eyes on until then. She was a friend of my sisters and hence came to our house very often. What drove me mad was that she seemed to be more interested in me than i was in her. When i could contain myself no longer, i fought over my habitual shyness, wrote about my affection for her on a piece of paper, and with a pounding heart, passed it on to her.

Her dad had taken his life some years ago after he was humiliated by his superiors. Fifteen years later, just last year, her mom follows the same route--she jumps into a well. Nobody knows why.

No, she doesn't look sad. She's still the same mischievous girl i knew so long ago.

Here's a Good article on Blogging!

An unlikely place where you learn an important lesson of life:- a cricket coach's interview!

Greg chappel had this to say about dhoni--'That guy has no nerves. He's fearless. When you don't fear failure, there's no limit to what you can achieve.'

Wow!!! That's cool.

Recently a friend was wailing about how, a typical party animal like him was now confined to solitude and loneliness ( he became a dad last year and his child, now a little over a year doesn't leave him even for a moment). I know him as a typical chatterbox, an 'outdoor' guy who loves to mix with people, get interested in their lives ( much to their irritation, at times)--in other words, someone who'd go mad without company.

Such behaviour is quite amusing for me, since i don't do it and i've always wondered at the motivation and drive of an extrovert. Do they feel restless if they don't get to be in a group, mix with people, listen (do they?), chatter about everything under the sun? Can an extrovert live peacefully with himself? Are we conveniently divided into self-obsessed morons and people oriented bums? Is there a middle ground--something like a middlevert? (Jen used this term last year to describe herself) ?

According to a psychiatrist, introverts have greater brain stimulation and hence they love to keep things calmed down around them, tend to be alone, and quiet. Extroverts have a lesser stimulation and hence seek that stimulation in the outside world.

This is new(maybe not). An extrovert can become an introvert and vice-versa. One can be an extrovert at times and introverted at others. And there's no such thing as who's better, or what state is better. Both are different states and you can't do a shit about this difference, nor can you judge who's better. Extroverts, being typical chatterboxes, tend to sympathise with the aloof guy,and the silent person may think that all those chatterboxes are restless morons. But it's good if you have the best of both worlds-- the communication skills and social skills of an extrovert and the deep introspection and peace of an introvert. Both halves make a whole, make you a complete person, maybe.

All these thoughts arose after watching this silent girl today morning. She's no longer aloof now. She moves around in a group, smiles, chatters a bit---she's out of the shell.

This is a fantastic article on introversion published in Atlantic online.

Watched 'The passion of Christ' on starmovies, two days back. Maybe the film focussed too much on the human aspect of christ, his suffering being detailed out inch by inch. The resurrection part was just touched upon. There's a debate about Mary magdalene and her relationship to christ, and also whether christ actually died on the cross.

I remember Osho mention in one of his lectures that Christ suddenly disappeared around the age of 13 and came back at 30 to teach his gospel. Where was he during those 17 years? It's said that he'd come to India to study and learn in the great universities of those times. Maybe he attained enlightenment during those years.

Also there's a tomb of Jesus christ in Kashmir, and Kashmiris claim that Christ lived in India and passed away here. The speculation is that Jesus never died on the cross; after crucification and resurrection he came to India, lived here and left his body at around the age of 67.

Christ and every other master probably came down to remind us about our own inherent divinity, and to show us the way out of our own self-created miseries and the way to our source. It's a pity that we, who call ourselves the followers of these divine souls, distort their teachings to suit our fancy and give vent to our hidden darkness in the name of our loyalty to the masters.

As hariharan and lewis sang in 'Colonial Cousins' --" Come back as Jesus....come back as Rama...come back as Allah..come back as anyone."

When do we as humanity, shun the narrow interpretations of the followers of Jesus, Rama and Mohammed and look at the light these masters brought with them? How long will it take?

Something extraordinary ( from whiskey river )to end this week....

Wisdom tells me i'm nothing
Love tells me i'm everything
In between the two, my life flows.


  1. Vishwa, your flow has certainly started flowing again! What an interesting post.

    I quite agree with your comments on how a Master's words and message get distorted with time, and to suit the needs of the clergy/priests. Look at the Christian Council of Nicea in 325 AD which apparently removed all references to reincarnation, and that we all could achieve the goal of becoming Sons of God.

    How difficult to get to the orignal message of all these worthy Masters.

  2. Ah! Childhood sweethearts! I remember mine—more than one—and the trauma I had when we moved to a different part of the city and I said good-buye to all of them.

    Regarding introverts—and since I am basically one I think I’m somewhat of an authority—one of my teachers once pointed out that one of the reasons introverts have problems with extroverts is that “Introverts think to speak and extroverts speak to think.” Therefore, by the time I would think of what to say some extrovert would already have the floor!

    I agree that an extrovert can become an introvert and vice versa. The Myers-Briggs theory is that we can do that—the "opposite of what we are" is our “shadow self." However, behaving from our shadow self always takes more energy than from our preferred manner of behaving.

    I’ve been part of numerous discussions on “The Passion of Christ.” The question ranged from is Mel Gibson anti-Semitic? to is the movie too violent? to the movie’s impact on the average person. I have my own answers to those questions, but I always leave it up to the viewers to come up with their own—hoping, of course, they do ask some questions about the film!

  3. I have to confess you have left me confused.

  4. Val...It seems to be the norm with every organised religion---the master's teachings are always distorted by the disciples, either out of ignorance or for some selfish motive. We have priests in our country uphold untouchability by quoting Bhagavad Gita--they say Lord krishna has himself endorsed the caste system.
    The way out could be that of a direct spiritual experience, which leads us straight to the message and the messenger.

    Nick...Those were nice thoughts on introversion. There are certain kinds of discriminations that are so subtle, you never notice it and those who belong to those groups suffer silently throughout their lives. Introverts are one such group of people, who're highly sensitive and intelligent but somehow stay hidden amidst the cacophony of loudmouths.
    'Passion of christ' haunted me for a couple of days, with its senslesss imagery of torture of one of the greatest masters of humanity. Feel Mel Gibson is some kind of sado-masochist--he did a similar stunt on himself in 'Braveheart'.

    Edu...Confused??? About what? Kindly specify and i shall explain.

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  6. you ask questions but not want answers?

  7. Hi anonymous(whoever)...
    That's an interesting link you've posted. That site doesn't answer questions but defends the movie's senseless violence. Thanks however.
    But pray, why do you hide behind that anonymous tag? Are you nameless, faceless or gutless? Own your comments, man. Don't throw a stone and run behind the bush.

  8. hey vishwa ...........
    Cya soon

  9. Am not done with trying to come to terms with that picture. Beautiful one there.
    And as far as the succint analysis of introverts and extroverts goes, I have to admit I agree. To each, his own. And the contrasting kind always appears to be a haze. A confusing maze.
    A thought arousing post.