Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dumb struck.........

Somehow the flow of thoughts has stopped. I'm searching for words but nothing seems to come up. Feel like standing alone under the sky with this friend....

Or just walk silently in this solitude

Maybe, become one with the whole....lose one's identity....merge back....

Or drive into nothingness, into an unknown void....

I'll write again only when i feel desperate to express.

Otherwise, this silence is soothing.......


  1. I could go for any of your ideas. At the moment I have just returned from a long meander about my neighborhood, taking advantage of the 60 F temperatures. It was quite refreshing.

    The pictures were quite illuminating of the ideas. Thanks

  2. Silence is soothing:)
    Hello:) and I hope you are well:)
    Things are good and I'm on the internet while kids are in school, and I wanted to say hi! Take care, Elisa:)

  3. the silence the block that arises once in awhile within all in here at ur doorstep now .......

    the urge to write is quite something which u will have to bring back desperatley because we as readers of ur posts want them ........

    be desperate to blog fellow

    the pics are so expressive as nick pointed out ....

    Cya and take care

  4. Nick...sometimes pictures speak volumes where words go silent.
    Take care of your health.

    Elisa...How are you and how's everything at home?


  5. Vishwa:)
    Hello, I wanted to let you know that I'm doing good, and things at home are good most days, but I have teens, and they do make my days very interesting:) My daughter has done a 180, but I still have my guard up, and just hopeing things stay this way:) Thanks for asking!
    Take care,