Friday, November 07, 2014

like....moving through a portal

 Suddenly I realise that, at the moment, I'm moving from one phase to another. I could've missed this realisation.

 And you look deeper and know that there are phases all over your life. Something ends. Something begins. It could be career changes. A shift from one house to another, one city to another. Moving out of school, out of college. Changing jobs. Ending friendships. Forging bonds. Building and starting something new.

 It's easy to feel sad and nostalgic for what you're leaving behind but I think one can say goodbye with immense gratitude and happiness. Give thanks for all the nourishment, growth, love, joy and lessons that the phase gave you. And let go before you move on to the new. Without bitterness or heaviness. Without emotional entanglements.

A new lesson learnt. Move through, without melancholy, with great Joy.


  1. Celeberate!!... Cheers!!!. Beautiful Wishes to your NEW JOURNEY!!
    Let the God in you take you where you find delight in your success.
    Lovely Write up!!
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Something Wonderful Is coming Your way!!!

  3. People who do not have a lot of change in their lives do not have a rich life when they get to be my age. All the changes and challenges and new adventures make great memories as you have just learned.

    1. yes tabor...that's a lovely observation. More changes leads to richness, if those changes are embraced wholeheartedly :)