Thursday, September 04, 2014

Let the River be...

 'I'm sorry eeshu....I scolded you the other day'

  'It's ok, dad. Forget it.'

 'No....I shouldn't have gotten angry at you. I feel bad.'

 'Then dad...Let's do one thing...let's sit in a time-travel ship, go back to that day, and make corrections there. Ok?'


  1. Eeshu is very sensitive and sensible !, he does't like us saying SORRY ! why ??.... , i think he feels that '' by saying sorry to him'', we make him feel some what low about us, which i feel he does't like.. !" or when he say's " don't say sorry dad or mom " means don't do it again ... shayad !!! ... DA,.... but heart touching cuteee post. thanks for preserving it here in your " Drizzling walk" !!......

  2. If you practice not to scold anyone for 40 days, then surely it will become your habit not to scold Any One... !! ;-) ^_^