Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fear rules our lives

The ayodhya verdict will be out today, by 3.30 pm. There's anticipation that riots will break out, people will kill each other in the name of their god-forsaken religion. Looks like we perpetuate these events by expecting them to happen, by saying 'dont do this, let's remain calm, etc'.

The schools/colleges are closed. Banks, govt. offices too. Not the IT Companies. Many have a half day work scheduled. My office wants me to be here by 7 and leave before 2. They want us to work, no matter what. If they declare a day off, they'll tell us to come work on a Saturday. Scumbags! I look forward to the day these corporates are destroyed never to wake up
again in all eternity.

Of course, we arrive at work, resenting, kicking, praying that no untoward incident happens. We work. We go home. 'You are a slave here', nobody says but it's written all over, you just gotta see and recognise it. Even the topmost manager is a bonded labourer here, just that he's a slave with the biggest dick.

Yesterday night, some of us, maybe a few hundreds, prayed for peace at 10. We channeled golden light to the entire country praying that in this battle between the light and darkness, let light prevail, let every individual listen to the voice of sanity and not destroy another life, another's livelihood. I remember Soluntra's advice--that when you send light to a person or to a place, for healing, you've first decided that that person/place is sick and needs healing. So that 'sickness' is reinforced and the effect of healing isn't longlasting or effective. Instead, she says, imagine that place/person as already divine, already healed, already glowing with their innate light and you're just recognising this divinity!

I think what she says makes much more sense. I wanna do this today, do it now.

I wonder if we can move into a new age without this turmoil, without this churning. without cutting out each others' innards. Is it possible? Have we learnt our lessons? Do we even know that there are lessons? Do we even pause to think, to look up, to ponder over the bigger picture?