Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unfinished ones...

The 'Thin red line' joins my list of half- abandoned movies. Not that it's bad or unwatchable but I just couldn't find the initiative to continue watching it. So, after 20 minutes, I switched off the tv and drifted into a good sleep, lulled by the faint splutter of the midnight drizzle.

There are many similar movies and even more number of books which couldn't take me along upto the end. Earlier I used to feel guilty for not finishing them, for not doing justice to the contents--as if the book would feel bad for my actions or as if I'm answerable to the filmmaker. A recent realization is that not only is it wrong to stick on to a bad(?) book /movie/job but it's also a criminal act against ones own soul. Stretch beyond a point where you feel 'enough' and soon you'll begin to sense a faint nausea. Ignore it for too long and you get used to that, so, ultimately you'll be plodding amidst a lot of yucky things.

Then it becomes important to stop right there, say 'enough' and actually get out of it. And it takes a bit of balls too. When you realise that you're in wrong company, its only fair that you shut the book, switch off the movie, prepare your cv...etc

Maybe, just maybe, this applies to every other aspect of Life too. When the entire world says 'stay in the herd' but your heart says 'watchout'....what do you do? Play it safe, continue the game and ignore the nausea that keeps building up? Or gather the nerves to follow your wisdom?

From a small act of shutting down an unreadable book to many other challenges, we face innumerable dilemmas and paradoxes at every step of the journey. Do this or do that, stop here or continue for some more time, follow the herd-instinct or listen to that inner voice...? Maybe it's not easy to generalise or find simple answers to all of them. Personally, I'd say, 'keep the bull-shit detector on and when your heart yells out, be unafraid to say thank you for everything but now... fuck off'.

Because, the Universe always takes care of you, no matter what. Life has no full stops, damnit!

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