Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a stray thought...

Suddenly she looked up and asked,'Why are we discussing them over and over? Is there nothing else to talk about?'

She was right. I had become obsessed with those two scumbags from the past few days. All of our talks were revolving around them, their past deeds, their current misadventures, the future disasters they might bring about, etc. Although I didn't tell her, it was the outrage, disgust, helplessness I was feeling about many related issues that bothered me as much as the events themselves. It was as if something had hit me, penetrated and passed right through me in the heart, taking away all that I'd held dear over the years. It was like waking up one morning to realise that you weren't a human being at all but a piece of dirt which had been dreaming all along. Like the ground on which you stand didn't exist any longer and you were in a free fall into a never ending abyss. Much worse than that.

'Life isn't just this. There are a hundred other dreams with us. Let us focus on them. Let us continue our journey and leave the rest for God to take care...'

Not easy. Not easy.


  1. These are the real testing moments of life. The way we deal with it will depend on our maturity and in applying all that we have learnt in life so far.

    Follow the saying - "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and go with the flow.."

    And once this phase is over, the phoenix will always rise.

  2. When we let those we do not like run our lives by crawling around in our minds all the time we have lost our way.

  3. Tabor...we do it by default, at least I do. To pull back and reclaim independent thinking is a major lesson for me.

    Anon...that's a great saying. Thanks for sharing.
    Yes, the sun always rises. Until then, life will test each one's mettle with these blows.
    And the revealations and insights that arise out of these situations are always profound. ;-)