Friday, January 15, 2010

A small time-leap...

This is wierd or interesting, silly or deep, depending on how you look at it. But worth recording, I guess.

I sometimes open the archives and read the posts I wrote 4 years ago. And then try to look ahead at life now from that point of view. No earth shattering difference has occured in these years but still it's amusing, because back then, I'd not have thought about where I'm heading or what I'm planning right now. Time changes everything--I'm sure, in another five years, life will be completely different, totally unimaginable. If I can look back at my present self from that point, I'd laugh at many things that I find so profound now.

Everyone of us would be fascinated with this apparent time-leap at one time or the other. As a kid, I'd wonder about my previous births, about where I lived, what I did, who my people were back then etc. Or sometimes I'd look into the future and set sail my imagination. Maybe many of these fantasies were fuelled by the stories we heard, the movies we watched as children but for me, reality wasn't just what we saw and experienced on a day-to-day basis but much larger, more fuller and vivid. Our dreams and imagination could be nothing but tools to glimpse the multi-dimensional lives we lead--a part of which filters down into our awareness as 'reality'.

Writing this blog and recording the events/thoughts/perspectives as they occur is one way of preserving a part of this reality, so that someday, if I can catch hold of a few of these posts, it'll be an interesting read, depending on my life-situation then. And what if, in another lifetime, I come across these writings and also know that it was me who wrote all of these? How profound or unsettling an experience would that be?

When you die and exit, you leave everything behind and and start a new journey. Somewhere down that road, you stumble onto something and in a moment, realise that it has leapt across time and reached you, carrying with it a glimpse of that existence. What do you do next? Toss it aside, shut it out and continue? Look at it, absorb it, feel emotional, feel blessed and marvel at the magic of living? Be inspired to probe deeper into the mysteries that surround our seemingly mundane life? What would I do if I came across such a thing today? Something from another lifetime, another era, detailing what I did then?

Two books have leapt across the chasm and arrived at my desk. Whether or not they inspire me to dwell deeper into the mysteries of life and existence is yet to be seen, but first, I'll read them.

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  1. Time is shifting and we go with it whether we want to or not. I would like to visit myself...another self...sometime. It would make me feel more a part of the earth rather than a blip.